When you should not go to work abroad

2019 | 05 | 31 1735

It would seem a strange topic. So everyone should be clear: it is worth going abroad to earn money or at the wrong time / conditions. We took the initiative and decided to prepare a useful article for you, warning against possible negative consequences of going abroad under a number of conditions.

When should not go to work abroad

When you have poor immunity, there are health problems that can worsen.
Medicine abroad is very expensive. Therefore, it is extremely important to arrange insurance in advance. This approach will cost you ten times cheaper in case of health problems. The insurance procedure should not be neglected, even if you go abroad for only 30 days. You cannot foresee how the body will perceive the new environment, how the acclimatization will take place.

From personal experience: we went to Turkey for a week with friends. The insurance was issued only by me. Subsequently - my acclimatization turned into a terrible purulent sore throat, a friend stepped on a sea urchin. I was treated conditionally free. A friend gave all the cash to provide medical care. And this is 700 dollars.

This is a description of resort situations in 7 days. A long stay in another country - problems with teeth, colds, chronic diseases, injuries, etc. - everything will cost a lot of money for visiting specialists, setting up a treatment program and buying medications.

Therefore, you should not go to work abroad if you have serious health problems. And even more so - to go without medical insurance.

When you are not ready for physical labor.

Employees are required to work. And to work effectively, a lot, often. The first trip - the work of hands in the person of a handyman or employee at the plant. This is about 25-40% more intensive work than the one you are used to. Shirking, often do not smoke breaks, do not go to work and other liberties to afford to work abroad will not succeed. If active and exhausting work is not for you - you should not go to work abroad.

This is especially true of office workers, people who are not used to physical labor.

When you do not know the language.
You do not know at all and did not even try to find out. It is very risky to go to another country at least without a basic understanding of the alphabet and making up words. After all, happen that, as you will explain to the locals.

Breaking the law, facing the police, becoming a victim of injustice of the authorities or colleagues - you will need to defend your rights. Without knowledge of the language, chances are extremely low.

In order not to put yourself in an embarrassing position, you better postpone your trip to work abroad, until you learn the elementary language rules so that you can communicate with the dictionary.

When you did not sign the contract.
Take care of yourself, your loved ones and do not risk illegally going to work abroad. There are many instructive stories on the Internet from those who traveled abroad illegally and went through several "circles of hell" to return home. And how many people could not tell their stories, just because they are still considered missing ... And even more - describe how they were left without a salary after exhausting many days of work abroad.

Even if you decide in the field to look for work - agree only to cooperate after signing the contract. This is your insurance for all work cases.

Tip: read the contract carefully before signing.

When you are used to “status.”
The status of a citizen of the country, the status of a specialist, the status of an employee. Coming to another country to ordinary positions, you lose all this. Not because Europeans have a bias towards Ukrainians, but because you are a guest. You have limited rights, opportunities. You are not protected by a foreign state, you are not supposed to help and support.

For many, this feeling of comfort from “status” turns out to be key. If you are not ready to face a restriction of rights and opportunities - think, maybe you should find a more suitable job in your home country?

As a result, let's look at the common advantages and disadvantages of working abroad. Why common? Since in each case there are additional advantages and other disadvantages.

Higher earnings. Lack of familiar comfort.
The opportunity to see the world Spending on housing and food.
Learn a new language Problems with communication (without knowing the language at a sufficient level).
Start a new acquaintance from Europe There are risks to get on scammers and unscrupulous employment agencies.
The prospect of moving to Europe.  Unskilled work (often).
The prospect of getting a permanent residence / citizenship. Difficulties of career growth and development.

In general, there are not always convenient and uncomfortable situations to go to work abroad. There are circumstances when money is needed, there is a need to change the situation, change life in general. In this matter, the main thing is not to idealize. Do not think that with work in Europe, your life will change for the better. You really have to work, work hard, hard and hard. Learn the language, adapt to new conditions, a different culture, mentality. And in this case, you will succeed.

To go to work in another country is not just to earn more, it is to change your lifestyle. If you idealize abroad, as a kind of image, where you have to live better, work abroad can bring you a lot of frustration.

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