Errors in finding a job

2018 | 06 | 30 2554

"If two errors have not brought results - try the third." Lawrence Peter.

    We would like to help reduce their number and find a dream job as quickly and easily as possible.

 Vectorless search

   To find the best job in the world, you must at least imagine where it can be found. Often we do not have a clear list of employers who maximally satisfy our needs. Collect and study information about the best representatives in the industry, their requirements, opportunities, conditions. Based on this, make a strategic action plan to get there. The dream must be specific.

 No faith in yourself

   "Good places have long been occupied." Sure? Tip: send a request even if the companies of interest do not have vacancies. Open ads reach only 10%. Tell everyone around that finding a job there is your dream. Look for the right wording that can touch and help. Among them or their friends there will definitely be someone with useful information.

 Primitive summary

   Most resumes are not interesting to read not only personnel officers, but also authors. But the first impression is formed precisely on the basis of this opus. Let your friends read and follow the reaction. If they say that everything is fine, definitely, you should sit down and rewrite. An interesting unusual text is more likely to cause a desire to communicate with a non-standard person, and help you find a job.

   Compose it not as a description of a wonderful and heroic past, but in terms of future utility. What can you offer to increase profits or reduce costs? And here you should not skimp when writing skills and abilities. Do not neglect job requirements. Be sure to answer for each item.

 Not persistent

   After sending your resume do not calm down. Remind yourself. Feel free to call the personnel department. The necessary manager does not answer, call the head. Achieve your dreams, and do not quit. According to the US recruitment agencies, this behavior increases the chance of finding a cherished job by 60%.

 No cover letter

   Write as you can. It is no secret that you are not a writer or a journalist. But so you open up as a person, demonstrate real interest in the work and make preliminary contact. Use a simple formula: Why you? What will the company gain with your arrival?

   If you want to find a dream job with a dream salary, you should work hard.

 Do not prepare for negotiations

   The interview is a real exam. Need a result, get ready. When meeting you will try to consider from different angles, so they will ask about the hobby, and about relatives and so forth. Think over the most interesting and profitable formulations in order not to get out of balance and not begin to be rude, such as "none of your business."

 Overly public

   For the interested employer, your life is reflected not only in the questionnaire and characteristics, but also on the Internet. In the comments, publications. Social networks are public, and they are not silent, they shout about you. Good specialists, be sure, there will surely glance. Look through the accounts and think what can prevent your dream from coming true. Remove all unnecessary in advance.

If it’s not possible to find a decent job for a long time, contact the experts. Analyze your capabilities and requirements. Try to get feedback from HR managers after the interview. Ask what was wrong? For the demand of money is not taken.

   Good luck!

Find your dream job is absolutely real, if you are ready for feats for the sake of it.

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