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2018 | 08 | 23 2755

Italy, along with Germany and France, is steadily among the top five European countries with the best economic indicators.

The most developed are: the tourism industry, food industry, automotive, textile industry, household appliances. The country successfully combines developed agriculture in the south and industry in the north. If you are an expert in one of these areas, it will not be difficult for you to find a job in Italy. True, provided that you have no problems with the Italian language. If your knowledge is limited only to "si" and "no", everything is somewhat more complicated, but you should not despair either.

You can try your luck where knowledge of the language is not required, and your communication will be kept to a minimum. Basically, it is necessary to consider vacancies that for some reason did not suit the local residents. In Italy, despite the economic achievements, the unemployment rate is quite high, and just because of the low wages for unskilled labor. But what is considered low pay for Italians is quite attractive for citizens of CIS countries. For example, janitors, cleaners earn up to 700 euros. To live on such money in Italy is very difficult, but if you set a goal for yourself - to gain a foothold in Europe in a legal manner and gradually build a career, then you can try.

The most popular jobs in Italy without knowledge of the language
Men can search for a place:

  • a handyman at a construction site;
  • harvest collector;
  • assistant to the farm;
  • gardener.

It is much easier for women to find work in Italy. They are very fond of Russian or Ukrainian nurses, who are famous for their accuracy, and even without knowing the language. They are offered 700-900 euros, with the cost of qualified services from 1500. Most of these vacancies offer free accommodation, of course this is a big plus. Quite often there are job ads for hourly pay. Sooner or later you will recruit several employers and at the end of the month you will get a good income.

In Italy, women are often required to work:

  • assistant cook;
  • the waiter;
  • maid;
  • dishwasher;
  • animator.

Italians willingly offer illegal work, especially to carers. It is assumed that they practically will not leave the house, and therefore will not be caught by the labor inspection. While men almost always work outside.

Remuneration in Italy for unskilled workers
Studies show that the gender wage difference in Italy is significant. Women get less on average by 10%. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the payment for the same work in many respects also depends on the region. In the south, with more vacancies in the agricultural sector, wages are lower than in the industrial north.

In Italy, there is no such thing as a minimum wage. All individually for each sector and region. So, in many ways, as lucky.

For comparison: the collectors for their work receive about 25 euros per day, subject to legal registration. Dancers or animators, during the summer holidays, up to 70.

For illegal work, it is clear that the payment is lower. In addition, you will be left without social and legal protection. Is it worth the risk - you decide.

"Blue Card" ("Blue Card")
Italy, like other EU countries, recognizes the Blue Card. It is issued to high-quality specialists with higher education. Programmers, engineers, professors can come to Italy to work at the invitation of the employer. It is clear that no one will pay attention to the knowledge of the Italian language. Quotas for the issuance of such cards are not provided, their number is not limited. However, in six years of this program, out of 1,300 applications for work, only 600 were satisfied. Decision terms are sometimes stretched for years. Italians do not like to recognize foreign diplomas and professional certificates.

As you can see, working in Italy without knowing the language is quite possible. However, things will change as you learn a language. With the same data, you can qualify for a 50% salary supplement.


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