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2018 | 06 | 09 1576

In modern realities, the question is becoming increasingly relevant: how to save work? Try to lean less or actively participate in the life of the team? Concentrate on one case or become a multilane? We have compiled a portrait of an ideal employee who no one wants to fire.


An employee who sits out from 9:00 to 18:00 is of little interest. Modest, imperceptible, devoid of ambition - such an employee will be first on the list for dismissal. Want to save work and stand out from the rest? Be active! Speak with proposals, develop new directions for the development of the company, argue your initiatives. Remember: mistakes make you only stronger.


High-profile specialists are great, no one argues. But which of them is faster than the rest moves up the career ladder? Who can stay calm when reducing? That's right - the one who is able to make calculations, work out the project and present it. In the people of these people scornfully called multi-satellites, but it is they who today do not have to think about how to stay at work. The management will do everything possible to keep them. Learn to think big, and the problem of unemployment will bypass you.

Sole of company

Yes, no one would leave a staff member “on the board of his” if he works outright poorly. But a pleasant man and a wonderful specialist in one bottle would hardly need to worry about how to save his work. Feel the need to quarreling? Pull yourself together, reduce the conflict to a joke. Understand that "nakosyachili", but I want to argue? Correct your own fault instead of trying to shift the blame to another. Stay close to the team, feel free to communicate with the leadership, participate in team building - then no one will have a desire to dismiss you.


The more doubts, the less chance of showing the best qualities and save work. Weigh the pros and cons - and go! Was the project initially a failure? Feel free to voice your opinion! Of course, it must be reasoned. The project is promising? What are we waiting for? To someone else instead of you got all the laurels?


Any individual case requires an individual approach. Some bosses do not tolerate objections, while others live according to the principle “everyone should do their work”. But the qualities that we have described will definitely benefit you — by developing them and using them to the site, you will save your work and quickly increase.

Good luck with your job search!

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