What Ukrainian specialists are needed in Europe?

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Ukrainian workers: diligent, reliable and responsible, highly valued by employers in Europe. Ukrainians are actively taking vacancies that do not require high qualifications, as well as successfully finding jobs where higher education, fluency in a foreign language, and experience in the chosen field are required.
The list of the most popular vacancies depends on the requirements of a particular country. Here are the most common positions:

  1. Professionals in the field of information technology - the advantage of IT-specialists from Ukraine is their high qualification and consent to work for small salaries by European standards. The combination of these two qualities makes Ukrainian IT professionals extremely popular in Europe.
  2. Construction specialties - the popularity of vacancies in this area is explained by the active pace of construction in Europe. Ukrainian workers close available vacancies for construction specialties.
  3. Seasonal workers - high demand for this category of vacancies is especially active during harvesting. Europeans are reluctant to work as pickers of berries, fruits and vegetables, while our compatriots are satisfied with the level of remuneration by European employers.The trend of active demand for Ukrainian specialists continues to grow. In 2018, our compatriots employed about 33 thousand vacant jobs in Europe. Jobs mainly related to manufacturing and construction.


For several consecutive years, the Polish Republic has been considered the undisputed leader among European states in the employment of Ukrainian workers. In addition to attractive pay and working conditions, Poland has a mild climate, a wide selection of vacancies covering various fields, the ability to easily obtain Polish citizenship status and bring your family to permanent residence.

Who are the employers in Poland waiting for?

1. Employees. The industry average salary is around 450 Euro
2. Specialists in the field of construction. The average salary of builders exceeds 600 Euro
3. Engineers and professionals in the field of IT-technologies. The monthly salary starts from 1,000 Euro.

In what areas is there a shortage of vacancies?

  • Industrial production
  • Agricultural sector
  • Medical industry
  • Educational field
  • Information Technology
  • Cargo transportation local and international
  • Governesses, nurses, au pair


The northern country - the birthplace of Santa Claus annually expects migrant workers to work seasonal. The territory of Finland is 80% forested, where mushrooms and wild berries grow in abundance, in ecologically clean conditions: cranberries, blueberries, strawberries. Zarobitchans gather berries by centralized teams, after which they are handed over to companies buying up generous gifts of nature.
Ukrainian seasonal workers are not only busy harvesting. Their work is also in demand on farms, which in Finland number more than 50 thousand. Temporary workers diligently work on the ground: planting crops, weeding, watering, and fertilizing the soil. In winter, there is also a high demand for temporary workers, but they are already working not in the open air, but in greenhouses. The average salary of seasonal workers in Finland starts from 1,000 Euro per month.


In a country known for centuries-old traditions of brewing, there is a high demand for specialists in the field of medicine, engineering, information technology. Also, year-round vacancies for migrant workers are open for seasonal work. The Czech state also needs narrowly trained, highly qualified employees. But in order to occupy such vacancies, applicants are required to know the Czech language. The average salary in the Czech Republic is 1,000 Euros.


In the westernmost country in Europe, you can only work according to a work visa. To formalize it, an employment contract and an invitation are required with the employer. Salaries in Portugal start from 1,200 Euros per month, depending on the job profile and the specifics of the vacancy.

Which professionals are Portuguese employers interested in?

  • Seasonal workers
  • Researchers, scientists
  • Medical workers
  • Notaries, lawyers, lawyers
  • The Portuguese authorities are eager to stimulate local employers who employ migrants from Ukraine and other third countries.


Offers from German employers are especially attractive to labor migrants from Ukraine. The German economy is developing dynamically, requiring a large number of labor resources, including those attracted from abroad. But in order to occupy open German jobs, applicants must meet a number of strict requirements.
Before hiring a foreign worker, the German employer must provide the appropriate authority with a document confirming the absence of Germans and citizens of other EU countries who want to take a vacancy.

What specialties in Germany are most popular for Ukrainian citizens?

  • Specialists in the field of information technology
  • Computer designers
  • Engineers
  • Educators
  • Social Workers
  • Confectioners, cooks, restaurant workers

The German authorities attract highly qualified personnel by the opportunity to get a higher education and registration of a residence permit.


Unlike other European countries, where there is a steadily high demand for seasonal workers, in Ireland this trend in the labor market is almost completely absent. Here, the first place among the popular vacancies is occupied by professionals in the field of IT technologies.
Irish computer companies appreciate the high qualifications and positive personal qualities of our compatriots: web designers, programmers. Ukrainians, in turn, highly value wages from 2,000 Euro per month, while Irish computer scientists consider it too low.

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