About 2 million Ukrainians choose seasonal work abroad

2019 | 08 | 30 2023

The industriousness of our compatriots resonates with European employers, especially in the midst of seasonal, agricultural work. Employers from a neighboring country - Bulgaria are interested in workers in the restaurant and hotel industry: waiters, administrators, cleaners, maids. Workers in the Baltic countries, Switzerland and Poland are waiting for work to collect seasonal crops of fruits, berries and vegetables. Since the beginning of spring, a significant number of our compatriots have left for seasonal work - almost 2 million.

Jobs for retirement workers and youth

 Employment sites abroad host a large number of vacancies involving seasonal employment. In early May, a group of zarobitchans was sent to Finland to pick berries and legumes. Berry picker jobs include:

  • age restrictions: men and women under 65 years old;
  • applicants for seasonal vacancies should not have health problems;
  • Workers must easily endure physical activity, be hardy.

Berries and peas are harvested in the fields of the farm, not far from Helsinki. On a day, strawberry pickers are paid about 9 Euros, and the work of collecting peas involves payment - about 1 Euro per 1 kg of harvested crop. At the end of the season, the employer pays a bonus - 12% of the salary.

The work schedule involves employment of at least 8 hours a day. Strawberries and peas are harvested on a schedule - week by week: 7 days - berries, 7 days - legumes. On weekends, you can also earn extra money: pick mushrooms and berries in a forest strip, not far from an agricultural farm. Housing is provided by the employer: Zarobitch residents live in comfortable, comfortable houses for 5-6 people. Accommodation costs employees 150 Euros per month - relatively little at the local tariffs for utilities.

Payment for food is made by the zarobitanites on their own - this, of course, is a small minus, but the employee himself controls the cost of food according to his needs. Travel to Finland is carried out by bus - directly from Odessa. According to a staffing agency, if you spend a little on food and try to work hard, you can get an average of 4-5 thousand Euros per season.

On sites for the selection of personnel for work abroad there are vacancies designed for workers of retirement age. An Estonian farm located near Tallinn requires 2 couples. Departure beat appointed on the first day of summer - June 1. An employer from Estonia offers food and accommodation at his expense. He also pays for travel - excellent prospects for working abroad. The level of pay for work is also decent - about 800 Euro per month. Jobs require the ability to care for the garden and beehives. Duration of work - 3 months, that is, all summer. During this time, you can relax: the places in the villages of Estonia are picturesque, set up for a “reset” from active and exhausting life in the city.

What vacancies are relevant for youth?

As the practical experience of recruitment agencies shows, young people are most interested in seasonal vacancies. Girls and young people choose to work at sea, even if the level of salary does not reach high rates.

According to a recruiting agency employee, maids are required in one of the Croatian hotels. It is noteworthy that the vacancy does not imply the presence of work experience in this area. Payment is decent, about 4 Euro per hour. The vacancy provides for a 7-hour schedule, 5-6 days a week. Housing is provided for the duration of the work, and meals during the shift are at the expense of the employer.

The warm sea, the gentle sun, excellent working conditions turn labor into pleasure. Hotels located in Bulgarian resorts are constantly interested in such service personnel as restaurant waiters, cleaning ladies, maids, assistant cooks, dishwashers. The salary of these categories of employees is about 500 Euro per month.

Young people are actively choosing vacancies of animators who are in demand in hotels in Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt. The average earnings of animators is about 700 Euro. Work of this format involves work, rest, and the ability to communicate with their peers.

What vacancies are relevant in Ukraine?

According to recruitment specialists in Ukraine, in our country there is also an increase in vacancies in the field of agriculture. Agricultural companies require harvesters, and hotels in the resorts of the Azov and Black Seas are interested in animators.

The salary level for these vacancies, of course, is far from European. Maids and cleaners are paid about 10 thousand UAH., Waiters - a little more, about 11 thousand UAH., Not including tips. Ukrainian employers often provide free housing and pay for meals.

In addition, the level of service in Ukrainian resorts is steadily and gradually increasing and expanding. Modern vacancies are open at recreation centers and hotels: massage therapists, cosmetologists, specialists in the field of SPA-procedures, gardeners, braziers. But how 

shows the experience of zarobitchan and the information of employees of recruitment agencies, work abroad is much more profitable financially. In Poland, you can earn at least 20 thousand UAH per month. In the Czech Republic - 3 times more, and in Switzerland, England, France - from 70 thousand UAH every month.

Who doesn’t fit seasonal vacancies?

When planning a trip to earn money abroad and drawing bright prospects for future financial income, you need to adequately perceive the situation and requirements for the selected seasonal vacancy. One of the Zarobitans says that last year she worked on a Polish farm, collecting lettuce leaves. A woman reports that picking greens is a very hard job, requiring stamina and good health.

Work began early in the morning, and all day, salad pickers walked in rows, harvesting. After a hard day, my back, arms, legs were very sore. The work shift involved a half-hour break. For 30 minutes it was necessary to have time to relax, and have lunch, and go to the toilet. If you are late, even for one minute a fine was withdrawn. If in the morning, when the shift begins, at least a little late, the penalty amount was also withdrawn. The working day lasted 8 hours. There were no discounts for bad weather. According to the zarobitchanka, I had to work in extreme heat, and in windy weather, and in the rain - weather conditions are not for "wimps."

Thus, seasonal vacancies both in Ukraine and abroad are suitable only for physically healthy people, strong and hardy. If an employee does not meet these criteria, one should look for other job options and objectively correlate job requirements with their own physical resources.

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