What categories of debtors are not allowed abroad from Ukraine?

2019 | 08 | 20 5139

The Ukrainian single list of debtors is a register in which the data of persons who have not paid off any types of debts are entered: loans, alimony, other financial obligations. The presence of debt is a good reason to prohibit travel abroad from Ukraine.

If you are planning a trip abroad, a business trip, or employment abroad, check to see if you are on this list of debtors. The following categories of persons are included in the list of Ukrainian service of performers:

  1. Debtors who do not repay loans issued at bank institutions.
  2. Unscrupulous fathers who do not pay children alimony for more than six months.
  3. Drivers who did not pay fines issued by the traffic police.
  4. Citizens with significant amounts of debts for payment of housing and communal services.

If at least one characteristic from this list applies to you, check if your data is in the Register.

And now in more detail. If you occasionally overdue a bank loan, no one will keep you at the border. To fully understand the situation, let's look at practical examples. If you often delay in repaying a bank loan, but ultimately repay it, you will certainly be missed at the border post.

However, if your money loan has a court order to recover the debt, and you regularly received notifications about the need to pay off the debt, your full name is likely to be included in the list of debtors. The data of malicious defaulters is entered into the Register without their knowledge. Alimony who have not helped their children for 6 months also fall into this list.

State executives have the power, without a judicial decision, to restrict the rights of the debtor in crossing the border and traveling abroad. Regarding the debt for utilities and traffic rules of fines, in this case, travel abroad is prohibited only with an official court decision.

You can find out if your name is included in the List of debtors by clicking on the link: https://erb.minjust.gov.ua/#/search-debtors. If you are prohibited by the court from crossing the state border and traveling abroad, you should write an appeal to the Court of Appeal. This must be done within 5 days from the moment you received the paper on the ban on travel abroad.

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