What diplomas are listed in Germany?

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Successful results of the verification of the diploma of education - this is the first condition for getting a job in Germany - one of the most attractive for foreigners in the European Union. From which countries and for which specialties, mostly, send job applications? Our country is in the top 10 - Ukraine.

To the great joy of the workers in the underground and those who are just about to go to Germany to work, a landmark event took place on December 19, 2018. The German government ratified the law on labor migration of citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union. The main requirement to legally apply for a job in a German company is a successful test of knowledge and approval of professional qualifications.

For representatives of certain specialties, for example, for medical workers, this condition has been in effect before. Representatives of other specialties can undergo a proficiency test by ordering an expert assessment of their diploma. To do this, you must provide a copy of the diploma to the Central Office for Foreign Education. According to the results of the diploma verification, a certificate is issued on the full compliance of the Ukrainian diploma on education with the German qualification standards.

Two years ago, according to statistics from this Office, almost 44,000 applications for verification of the diploma and profile of applicants were received in Germany. The largest percentage among them was occupied by specialists from Syria, who fled from the war and who were seeking to exercise their right to work, finding a good job in Germany.

Also in the top 10 countries from which came the largest number of requests for the verification of diplomas, included Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Russia. Most requests were received for the purpose of recognizing qualifications from health care workers. This number is more than 50%. Also among the top ten leading professions are engineering specialties, the construction industry, industrial production, and research.

Among the representatives of professions who applied to the German Office for proficiency testing were:

  • teachers, educators, social workers;
  • experts in the field of mechanical engineering and automotive, metalworking;
  • IT workers, professionals in the field of cosmetology, beauty-industry.

The German Office also announced data on applications received from our country and Russia. According to statistics, in 2017 these figures were about the same: more than 1,600 requests from Russians and more than 1,400 applications from our fellow citizens.

What specialists are in demand in Germany?

The labor market of the most attractive country in the European Union - Germany, is distinguished by stable development, high competition and decent wages. Such conditions stimulate labor migration. The tough competition in the labor market motivates applicants to increase existing qualifications, quickly acquire new skills, and be ahead of the competition in terms of knowledge.

In Germany, there are conditions for a successful career of specialists of different specialties:

  1. there are not enough qualified engineers at the enterprises of the engineering industry;
  2. consulting companies need legal experts, including in the field of international law;
    4 years in a row there has been a steady trend in demand for professionals in the field of IT-technologies, telecommunications, biologists, research laboratories;
  3. at the same time, the demand for the services of labor migrants with an economics degree decreases dramatically - in this area in Germany there is a glut of domestic specialists.
  4. German employers are interested in laborers, seasonal specialties, employees with low qualifications. Compared with Poland and the Czech Republic, the wages of low-skilled workers in Germany are at least 2 times higher.

Thus, German employers provide stable, high wages, good working and living conditions for labor migrants. If you know the language, successfully passed a diploma test or want to leave for work as a laborer, it makes sense to consider Germany as a profitable direction for labor migration.

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