Is working four days productive?

2019 | 11 | 28 887

A shorter work week of 4 days increases employee productivity - a case study

According to a recent sociological study, the reduction of the work week, paradoxically, can increase the profitability and profitability of companies. The reason for this positive trend is an increase in employee productivity. In addition, the shortened schedule helps to normalize the health of employees and improve their emotional state.

A working week of 4 working days will save UK companies a significant financial resource - more than 100 billion pounds annually. Such an inspiring and encouraging conclusion was made as a result of a study by Henley, the famous business school from the UK.

An impressive number of companies took part in the sociological survey - more than 250. Based on the data obtained from the survey, the authors of the study concluded that the shortened work schedule would be a powerful impetus for increasing company profits due to increased productivity and productivity of employees. In addition to everything, the four-day working week will have a positive effect on the health status and psychological state of the workforce.

The materials of the study, conducted by specialists at Henley Business School, detail and consistently reflect information on the increasing dynamics of the trend towards a shorter work schedule. According to 64% of companies whose activities are already carried out according to a four-day system, the productivity of their staff has increased significantly compared to previous indicators.

The survey also clearly demonstrated that a shorter work week increases the overall quality of life of staff, reduces the number of sick leave, and employees themselves note a weakening of exposure to stressful situations both at work and at home.

According to a sociological survey, almost half of the employees surveyed were engaged in the development of professional qualities on vacated days, while 25% of employees preferred volunteering.

According to experts at Henley Business School, a shorter work week will positively affect the state of the environmental situation in the state. According to preliminary estimates of employees, an additional day off will save them from having to get to work on personal or public transport, which, accordingly, will reduce transport emissions into the atmosphere and reduce air pollution in general.

Interestingly, the findings of the Henley study also mention information that more than 70% of employers show concern about upcoming work schedule changes. However, most workers fully approve of the emerging prospect of adjusting employment. According to staff, a four-day work week can be one of the main criteria when choosing a workplace.

One of the leaders of the Henley Business School notes the tendency that today most employees strive to work on a flexible, floating schedule. In addition to the study, it is also worth noting that previously the YouGob consulting organization from the UK conducted a sociological survey of two thousand respondents.

As a result of the study, sociologists were able to identify confirmation of the trend - most British staff approve of the prospect of reducing the 5-day working week to a 4-day schedule. More than 70% of the staff objectively declare that in the allotted 4 days they will be able to cope with the assigned work responsibilities, which they now perform in the usual 5 working days.

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Social Policy came up with the prospect of introducing three new work regimes. It is expected that three new employment formats will be regulated at the legislative level:

  • flexible, floating schedule;
  • work in remote mode;
  • self-planning of working hours.

It was also previously reported that, according to the Institute for Economic Research, about 10% of German companies engaged in the processing industry plan to completely change their usual work schedule to a four-day work week within the next three months.

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