How correctly to behave with servants?

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Attitude to the servant: the main rules of communication with the servant

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A housekeeper or nanny becomes an indispensable person when she comes into the family. Sometimes she becomes part of the family, but in any case she spends a lot of time with her family. That is why it is very important to understand how to behave with such an employee correctly, so that all parties feel comfortable.

 Familiarize with family rules

Each family is like a small state with its own laws, customs and habits. When a strange person, like a maid, appears in the family, it is necessary to introduce it as much as possible into the course of your order in the house. You need to tell what you think is acceptable, and what kind of behavior and what actions it should avoid.

But before you talk about duties and rules, first talk with the household and come to a common opinion. For example, a husband and wife should not give directions to a servant, who contradict each other.

 Enter clear boundaries

Having told about the rules of the house, from the very beginning position yourself exactly as an employer who pays money for a job well done. Do not treat a servant as a friend: by instilling that you are on the same level, the employee can interpret this incorrectly, and use your good attitude to work less or to get additional resources.

It is also advisable not to tell the maid or the servant about some family secrets, do not brag about shopping and do not offer to join daily meals for family meals. All these moments can distort relations in the employer-employee category. In addition, if you demonstrate with your attitude that a housekeeper is your friend, she may soon begin to take offense even at constructive comments or think that she can influence the state of things in your family. Remember that even if you are in a good mood, do not turn a blind eye to a serious defect or the error of the servant. You have to show what the quality of work should be and regularly stick to your line.

 Be educated

In no case should one be rude to his employees, as this will spoil your working relationship. In addition, if you treat the servants roughly, it can hold a grudge and try to harm you somehow. Try to be friendly and reserved, keeping the right distance. Also, do not ask to do unpleasant or insulting things.

At the same time, do not allow a domestic worker or another person working in your family to talk disparagingly with you.

In dealing with domestic workers, one must try to observe the principle of the golden mean. It is necessary to speak politely, not to try to be too good in communication, not to give rise to possible frivolous behavior of the employee, but not to be rude.

 Be fair

Position yourself as a fair employer who will praise for a job well done and point out mistakes when they are available. If a housekeeper or maid does not spoil the first thing or works carelessly - apply financial sanctions. One more rule: never scold or criticize an employee in the presence of other wage workers.

 By adhering to these simple rules, you will establish the optimal working relationship and, thus, make the presence of the servants comfortable for all parties.

 Good luck to you!

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