Can I get a job in Poland by myself?

2019 | 01 | 15 2304

Can. And if not for dozens of nuances, this question could be considered closed. You will certainly be able to find work in Poland without intermediaries, but how much effort and money it will cost you ... Consider the most common scheme used by the average Ukrainian, going on a job search to Poland for non-visa.

From unemployed in Ukraine to employed in Poland - two weeks

Be prepared for the fact that you are not expected with open arms in Europe and will have to spend at least 14 days to get a job there. During this time, you will need to find accommodation, spend money on food and travel, to be interviewed. These two weeks will not be like a tourist holiday, but will fly you into a tidy sum.

If you took care of your stay before departure and booked a place in a hostel, then in Poland you will be a little easier in the early days. You will not be deceived at the station and will not have to pay an exorbitant rate for the night. But in the future, when you have to move to different parts of the city to meet with employers, travel will become a significant expense item. It is difficult to predict exactly how quickly you will find a job, but when this happens, you will most likely have to look for accommodation in its immediate vicinity. And the security deposit for the hostel reservation is unlikely to be returned to you.

When you settle in a new place and start looking directly for a job in Poland, you will have to purchase a local SIM card or search for a cafe with free internet. And these are not the only difficulties that without knowing the local language will not be so easy to overcome. Next you have to shovel hundreds of vacancies, translate them into their native language to familiarize themselves with the requirements for applicants, ring around dozens of employers and stumble upon dozens of middlemen. Selecting ads that are more or less suitable for you, you will spend another 5-10 days on meetings with management. Depending on the outcome of these meetings. If you approach the interviews correctly from a logistical point of view, you will save a couple of days. Indeed, many enterprises are located outside the city in different areas, and, therefore, you will have to spend almost half a day on the way back and forth. Do not be surprised, by the way, that the majority of employers in Poland are suspicious of those who employ themselves. It is easier for them to trust trusted agencies and minimize their risks.

Getting a job in Poland without intermediaries is not profitable

Simple calculations of expenses during your stay in Poland will only confirm this point.

Travel from Ukraine and daily movement for two weeks will cost about 100-120 euros. Housing is still about 15 euros / day. So, in two weeks you will spend from 180 euros. From 50 to 100 euros more be prepared to pay for food. If there is a kitchen in your hostel, you will save a little, if you search for free internet, you will still have to pay at least a tea in a cafe. Do not forget to take into account the additional communication costs and unforeseen expenses - about another 50 euros. So, if you decide to get a job yourself, then for this you need to have a minimum budget of 380 euros. At the same time, keep in mind that finding everything yourself is also energy-consuming. You will be exhausted dear, morally oppressed by failures and confused in an unfamiliar city. In the end, no one guarantees that the desired work will be found.

After weighing all the pros and cons, you will understand that independent searches will not save you money or time. And if you are still inspired by the story of a friend who was lucky to work from the first time and without disappointment, do not forget that competition in the labor market in Poland is growing every day. In other European countries, approximately the same prospects are waiting for you, but your search for work will cost you even more. Why risk if you can find any vacancy from a proven employer on a specialized exchange and go abroad for a specific job? If you are not ready to tempt fate and financially risk, then (link) will be your guide to the world of work in Europe without risk.

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