Dream vacancy: travel related work

2018 | 11 | 08 3252

Discover new countries, have time to visit as many cities, regions, continents as possible - who did not want to travel for free, and even earn at the same time? The desire to explore new cultures, states, horizons, nature is laid down in each of us by pioneers, nomads and travelers.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial opportunity to travel, the rigid framework of work deprives many of the prospects for catching up on vacation to visit abroad. But there is a solution: if there are no important attachments to the place, if you feel that you can and want to begin your traveler's story, combine the pleasant with the useful. You need a job to travel.

The options - the mass, consider the profession for travelers, allowing for a long time not to linger in one place.

Who should work to travel: TOP-5 specializations

Sailors and workers of cruise lines.
A sailor with an experience of 10 years has a huge baggage of impressions from travels, memories and pictures of other worlds. Somewhere it is possible to linger longer, some cities have to be observed from afar, not having the opportunity to approach, but the list of countries where it was possible to work is impressive.


  • High wages.
  • Unforgettable landscapes.
  • Labor security.
  • The company pays for flights, visa preparation, documents, permits.
  • Free food and accommodation.
  • Vacation 1-6 months.


  • Closed space for 2-9 months.
  • Not every port is allowed to land.
  • Heavy working conditions.
  • Requires basic education (for employment as a sailor, junior service personnel) and
  • higher education for career growth.

Pilots, flight attendants.

Work related to traveling around the world is not less than that of sailors. They live in different time zones, if they manage to break through to international lines. High competition at work, but it's worth it - in a couple of years you will be able to travel across all continents, visit cities, countries. But along with romanticism to the workers they impose selective, harsh demands: higher education, stress tolerance, calm, good health.


  • Free of charge, while working you can travel around Europe, Asia and the rest of the Planet. For a couple of hours and even days.
  • Good working conditions, social package, salary and pension.
  • Dear almost worldwide profession.
  • You can visit several states at once.
  • Airlines are often loyal to employees and provide opportunities for savings on personal flights.


  • Irregular work schedule.
  • You can get stuck on one flight - this limits the possibilities for travel.
  • High levels of stress, physical exertion, the effect of pressure drops on health.
  • Big competition.


Dancers, acrobats, circus figures, singers, show groups. Work while traveling is commonplace for them. Especially now Ukrainian, Russian artists are valued in Asian countries. If you have the experience, skills, desires, you should establish yourself well abroad, then invitations to work in other states will find you themselves. Festivals, shows, contests, events - there is a lot to travel, often.


  • Food and accommodation are paid.
  • It is possible to travel with friends, artists, family.
  • Good earnings.
  • There are prospects for development.


Tight schedule: a clear schedule, which must be adhered to.
Restricted food: to keep yourself in a suitable form for a performance, you have to refuse harmful food, alcohol.
Danger of injury: serious injuries will have to go home and stay there until full recovery.


Photographers with a unique vision easily receive invitations to work abroad. Of course, this is not an opportunity for one day: there is a lot of work to be done to achieve recognition and be included in the lists of well-known, respected professionals, who are fully paid for by their employers.


  • Not a job, but a favorite hobby.
  • Good wage.
  • Perhaps global recognition.


  • It is necessary to buy expensive equipment.
  • It is necessary to work in different, even difficult conditions.
  • You need to have talent and ingenuity to break through among competitors and travel at the expense of employers.


Already one who has invented work for travel, so it is for journalists. Ride around the world to broadcast news and collect them - we are all journalists a little. Although today the need for this profession is less, as the Internet everywhere allows you to instantly receive the latest news, international journalists are everywhere. The main thing is to be in the right place at the right time. You can become a blogger - travel the world and create interesting written and video content.


  • Interesting job.
  • Good pay.
  • Accommodation, travel, meals at the expense of the channel / publisher.
  • Useful dating.
  • Travel and travel paid by the customer.


  • Irregular work schedule.
  • There may be hazardous working conditions.
  • Stressful work.

Who else can work to travel the world

In fact, there are a lot of options for working while traveling; choose which one suits you:

  • Collectors - oddly enough, while grapes are spiced in France, you can start picking strawberries in Poland, blueberries in August, lingonberries and grapes in September, traveling from one season to another in farmlands of European countries.
  • Biologists, archaeologists, scientists - participate in grants from various countries and universities - a real chance to do your favorite work and travel, share experiences, acquire new knowledge.
  • Animator - in the tourist season, hotels, resorts, tourist complexes need employees for the entertainment of visitors. Here the important role is played by knowledge of languages, readiness to invent and participate in entertainment programs.
  • The truck driver is all very clear: you need to get a job in international logistics companies in order to travel in completely different directions.
  • Volunteer - basically you can get in the field of health, medicine, construction, education, agriculture. Accommodation and meals are provided for the period of the move. You can travel every three months or on request.
  • A simultaneous interpreter - work in a large international company or cooperation with several at once will ensure frequent business trips abroad.
  • Programmers (employees in the field of IT) - a good salary and remote work allow you to distribute your time, travel and work.

And in general, you can work while traveling. It is not necessary to choose the most suitable employment from the list. Do what you love, become the best in it and foreign employers will definitely notice you. Yes, and high-class professionals make good money to afford to travel for your pleasure.

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