How to travel the world almost for free

2018 | 09 | 25 1242

The dream of seeing the world is often broken about the reality of limited finances. And if money were no longer an obstacle to its execution? In fact, there are several ways to travel in conditions of economy with comfort.

Some people save a part of their salary on a monthly basis and for the year manage to accumulate an impressive amount on a dream trip. This option is suitable for those who know how to prioritize and save for the sake of their goals.

Others earn on trips. Go to remote work or looking for jobs abroad. For example, on the site So you can earn and travel around the world.

But there is a third option - almost free travel. Why almost? Because you have to understand that watching the world is absolutely free means that you are always looking for an overnight stay, hitchhiking and thinking about how to get yourself a meal. If you value your comfort, then get ready for the minimum financial investment.

Free accommodation
For some travelers, couchsurfing is a whole philosophy. This is a free way to find accommodation anywhere in the world. Special services unite tourists and hospitable locals. On the largest site,, you can find overnight accommodation with a stranger, even from the other end of the globe. Even without large funds, you can find a temporary home in Montenegro, Greece, Croatia or in the Balkans.

Advantages of couchsurfing:

a large database of available options, ranging from an inflatable mattress and ending in a separate room;
the opportunity to plunge into the local flavor with the head and find out about interesting places or places from the first mouth;
You do not need to spend money on renting an apartment or a hotel room, and the savings can be spent on entertainment;
cultural exchanges, fascinating travel stories and socializing.
But not everyone can decide to stay with a stranger.

If you still prefer to couch, do not abuse the hospitality. Do not annoy the host longer than a week. And do not forget to thank him for the opportunity to have a roof over his head. Treat the homeowner with a dish of traditional cuisine, cooked with his own hands, or for dinner at a cafe.

Free travel

Here, the traditional hitchhiking analogues have not yet come up with. Of course, not everyone is suited by such a slightly extreme approach, but does this really stop the real adventure lovers?

In all civilized countries of the world, drivers are happy to pick up tourists with signs and ask about their travels along the way. A neat appearance and reasonable baggage will increase the chances of stopping the car, which will give you a lift to your destination.

Free tours

You can count on them if you stop for a night at the friendly host, who will introduce you to the sights. Locals always know a little more than you will find in tourist brochures. In addition, in almost all cities of Europe, in America, Asia, there are free walking tours (free walking tour). Find them is not difficult, googling or contacting any local travel agency.

As you can see, there are a lot of chances, so maybe it’s time to start acting and fulfilling a dream to see the world?

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