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Interview with the robot

2019 | 05 | 13 952

The use of artificial intelligence affects more and more unexpected areas of our lives. How do you choose to interview the robot? Without prejudice, prejudice and personal experience ...

In the autumn of 2018, a smart recruiter was presented in Sweden. The creator company Furhat Robotics named the development of Tengai and gave it to the TNG recruitment agency in Sweden. Since May 2019, the robot has started its task duties and will be interviewing candidates for work without bias.

How is the interview

Tengai already knows a lot of things, but is still learning and improving by its creators. The robot does not have a body - an imitation of the head is set at the level of the interlocutor's eyes. At the same time, Tengai's face repeats human emotions and facial expressions, creating the effect of a full-fledged conversation.

The main task of the artificial recruiter is to ask pre-programmed questions, record the answers and wish good luck. So far, the robot does not fully analyze the data and does not make decisions on hiring / refusal to applicants. This is still done by people listening to interviews with candidates after. At the same time, they do not see the applicant, they cannot transfer to him their biased, subjective attitude, racism and other prejudices with which the West is fighting.

The robot cannot yet deviate from the database of questions.

Who makes the decision
For now, this burden is still on people: Tengai only conducts interviews and records responses. The decision about whether the candidate passes to the second stage of the conversation or is refused is taken by the TNG staff. But according to the developers of the artificial recruiter - not for long.

Tengai Development Prospects

In the near future, Tengai will make decisions: on the appointment of the next stage of the interview or refusal. In any case, the development will not soon be able to completely replace the recruiter, so the final conversation remains with the person.

The tasks of Tengai are to solve the problem of prejudice, injustice, discrimination, which was stated by more than 70% of respondents who had been interviewed at least once in Sweden. The creators of the AI ​​recruiter believe that their development will help create the same conditions for all candidates, while choosing the most worthy of the qualities required for the position, and not by color, sex, faith, and other parameters not related to professionalism.

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