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Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of employers require candidates for resumes and take this document quite seriously.

  Thinking what to write in the “Personal Qualities” section, candidates most often choose routine skills, forgetting that this item is primarily a description of them as individuals and reflects the appropriateness of the position they are applying for.

   We offer together to learn how to maximize the use of this item in your resume.

The main and basic rule - avoid templates.

  In this situation, the main problem for applicants is the fact that in most cases everyone draws up the item as a template, simply inserting ready-made "stamps" of personal qualities from the resume examples on the Internet.
  Most often, as a result, personal qualities are reduced to a list of beautiful words that do not carry any important information. Therefore, it is extremely important to combine this item with the vacancy you are planning to take.

   The key to success is word proof

 Experts recommend to present their qualities through examples of their achievements. That is, do not list your personal qualities, but consider how they help you in your work and display them on an example in your resume.

  For example, you can not just tell you that you are “goal-oriented”, but clearly define the experience of successful project launches, easy learning ability to teach through the ability to independently master new technologies, and creativity through the practice of introducing new ways to solve professional problems.

   In order not to be trapped - write about yourself only the real facts.

   When applying for a job, personal qualities of a person have value only when they are comparable with the upcoming duties. Even if you have all the positive qualities of a conscientious employee, it is better not to be dispersed and to highlight several of the strengths (no more than five) that will be useful for this particular vacancy.

  For example, for a manager, more indicative qualities than sociability will be the following character traits:

  •  Stress resistant.
  • Eloquent.
  • Disciplined.
  • Responsible.
  • Leader by nature.

How to present a standard list of common qualities?

  How you designate your qualities is no less important than what qualities you select. If you have the opportunity to stand out from the rest just playing with the forms of words, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Consider the most common qualities and options for their descriptions:

Leadership is an important quality for any management position. It is possible to specify as “the ability to resolve conflict situations”, “readiness to train colleagues”, “readiness to take responsibility for the team’s decisions”.
Sociability is a trait directly related to leadership. It is important to understand that it is not just the ability to communicate, but also an understanding of the basics of business relations. It can be replaced with “networking”, “readiness to work in a team” or even “possession of the technique of“ cold ”calls.”
Organization - in fact, has two meanings. Either you are talking about your organization, or about your ability to organize a team and its work. We advise to clarify in the following forms: “experience of organizations and conducting meetings and events”, “control of negotiations”, “planning”.
Responsibility is a way of saying “I can be trusted.” But what if to make it clear in practice. Write down the qualities that confirm your responsibility. For example, write “project management - completed n projects”, “management n customers”, “management n advertising companies”.
Stress resistance is a very important and necessary skill, but the word itself has long been stopped. Present this trait against the background of those situations where it will definitely help you. Write “readiness to work in deadline mode”, “ability to make quick decisions”, “ability to work in crisis situations”.

Remember that a resume is not only a way to convey information about yourself, but also the only way to get the employer interested in the background of hundreds of other applicants and get an invitation for an interview. Therefore, every word in it and how you present it can be a decisive factor on the path to your success.

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