How to get a job abroad: checklist for phased search organization

2018 | 10 | 19 2495

   It would seem: what could be difficult in the organization of their forces when looking for work abroad? After all, everything is standard everywhere: there is a vacancy, demand, it fits — I take it! But it was not there…

   Employment in another country, where you do not have a citizen passport, where there may be problems with language, accommodation, accommodation, subjective attitude from the local population, is always associated with a number of difficulties and risks. If there are no relatives or friends abroad who could help get a job, adapt in another country, then you should thoroughly work on the strategy of finding a legal job.

Checklist how to find work abroad by yourself

  1. Career choice: what job to look for.
  2. Selecting a country for employment.
  3. Register a separate mail.
  4. Selection of a template for a resume.
  5. Writing a resume.
  6. Posting a resume at Promo Choice.
  7. Posting a resume on foreign sites.
  8. Monitoring of vacancies.
  9. Job search through social networks.
  10. Mailing resume in the company.
  11. Attending social events.

  Decide what job you want to get. You can choose a few.

  For example, if you are applying for a job in a restaurant as a cook, you can take several specializations at once: assistant cook, junior cook, hot shop cook, pastry chef, etc. It all depends on your skills, experience. It is necessary to write a resume in each direction.

  Stay in a specific country where you want to move to live and work.
   Consider that for many European countries, knowledge of the language is a very important factor for successful activity. Get acquainted with the peculiarities of culture, life in the desired country, if you have not done so yet.

   Register individual mail
Create a mail specifically for instructions in resumes, registration on specialized sites. It should contain your last name and first name, as well as a photo. Use trusted trusts like gmail.

   A separate mail will exclude the possibility of losing an important invitation among the daily spam and promotions that come to your personal account.

   Get into the habit of checking emails every day, as well as connect notifications about new notifications to your computer or mobile phone.

   Find resume options in the state language.
You will need examples of completed questionnaires, as well as a template for personal filling. Each country has its own ethics of writing a resume form. This may be the minimum difference in the sequence of information placement. For example, in Germany, the chances of getting a job increase by 58%, if a cover letter comes along with a resume. Adhering to the traditional style, you will demonstrate your attentiveness and desire to find a job in another country.

   Create a resume using examples and templates.
So, if you have already completed the 4th item, you know what the resume should look like for a potential foreign employer. Now we have to fill it in the national language. It is important. The chances that the HR manager knows Russian or Ukrainian are extremely small. Be sure to insert a photo - visualization allows you to “meet” in absentia, increasing the chances of a return response.

Make a resume for all specialties for which you expect to receive an invitation.

   Post your resume to Promo Choice.On our site, potential employers and recruiting agents post current vacancies, as well as view job applicants. By posting your profile in the catalog, you will receive help in finding a suitable job.

   Post your resume at local sites.
In each country there are platforms for finding employees and work. Select the most active of them, where information is constantly updated, and post your profile. Note that the resume must be in the original language of the country.

   Check out fresh jobs daily.
On Promo Choice and local job search sites, the job catalog is updated daily. Spend 10-15 minutes a day to review and respond to suitable offers.

   Post information about yourself in social networks. Report your desire to find work on Linkedin and Facebook. Secure the record: describe the expectations of the post, wishes, attach a resume for review.
  Send resumes to foreign companies. Make a list of foreign companies where you would like to work. Translate the resume into the national language, make up a cover letter for each: describe why you want to work in this company, why they should invite you for an internship. It does not have to be a vacancy for your position - at least, you have every chance to get into the reserve and get a long-awaited call after a while.
   Attend seminars, exhibitions and themed events. At specialized seminars, networking and other meetings, you can meet representatives of international organizations and through them get a chance for employment abroad. If you have the opportunity to attend such events abroad - agree, and you will quickly get the desired position.

   This checklist will suit both Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and other residents of the CIS countries in search of employment abroad. An important point is the compilation of a resume. Work out all the information well and be guided by the real facts about yourself. The deliberately described lies will affect the reputation and employment opportunities in Europe.

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