How to eat with a busy work schedule

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I would like to start by saying that a lot of work is unhealthy. This proved the research center of the University of London. As a result of the experiment, it turned out that for people who spend 8 or more hours a day at work, the risk of developing heart failure, heart attack, dementia and other health problems increases several times.

Alas, but sometimes it just does not work out less, circumstances do not allow to rest more often. In this case, it is very important to eat right, not to miss the main meals and in time to give the body energy for fruitful work.

And here it does not matter: your physical or mental work prevails - the body is laid out in full. Thought processes consume a lot of calories, creating optimal conditions for the brain to work. Especially if you are a responsible and much worried employee for the result, you can be sure that up to 1000 kcal per day is spent on maintaining mental activity.

Useful eating habits for those who work more than rest

About the benefits of proper nutrition, you just heard. But, let's be frank, it is very difficult to eat properly with a tight schedule at work: you need to spend time on cooking, in stores there is a rather limited arsenal of ready-made PP-products that you can eat right away. It is more convenient and faster to order a pizza to the team or buy a coffee cake. To avoid food in the dry bread and milk and the consumption of a large number of high-calorie foods, we start with the banal

Plan your meals

Everyone has heard about it, many know, stick to the unit. Spending time on meal planning for the entire working week - you can balance the diet, give up unhealthy snacks, saturate everyday life with vitamins and healthy products.

In this matter, the main thing is to start. Make a meal plan for the week: recipes for all main meals and snack foods. So you can make a plan for shopping, spend less time on shopping, save more, because exclude spontaneous purchases.

Or just take this work week meal plan online. Detailed menus, recipes for each dish, miscalculations for calories and benefits - there are enough of such ready-to-use rations in the World Wide Web, so that you have a new diet and good mood from proper nutrition every week.

Eat regularly

Optimally - there is every 3-4 hours. And there are no exceptions to the long and grueling work. Your health is more expensive. And working at the pharmacy, just because you can not be distracted by 5 minutes for a snack, it is not advisable.

We advise you to take with you to work useful snacks, which are not a problem to buy today in your city

Top 10 healthy snacks at work:

  1. fruit chips (coconut slices, apple slices, mango or pineapple plates), preferably without sugar;
  2. nuts;
  3. bars with oatmeal, fruits and dried fruits, preferably sugar-free with a minimum composition, it is better to buy in specialized stores;
  4. seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  5. fermented milk products without additives (pure yoghurts, sourdough, cottage cheese, etc.);
  6. smoothies, freshes;
  7. dried fruits;
  8. PP bread - there are a large number of options for compositions, find the ones that you like;
  9. natural dark chocolate;
  10. raw granola and instant oatmeal.

These products are publicly available, all or part of them you will find in the nearest store. Just buy a few more cereal bars, put them in your bag and you will always have a healthy snack.

With such snacks you will give the body the necessary building components for it, and also eliminate the risks of gaining extra weight. What is very important for office workers.

But you should not replace the main meals with them.

Have breakfast

If you wake up hungry every morning and have a hearty breakfast, proceed to the next coffee item. For those who drink a cup of coffee in the morning and are in a hurry to work, let's talk about it again.

Sure that you know about the importance of breakfast, 100 times heard that the first meal should be. And it must be dense, saturated with healthy fats, protein and heavy carbohydrates. Then you will get energy for the whole day at work, you will wake up faster, you will feel full for a long time. In addition, breakfast - an excellent prevention of gastrointestinal problems!

Just try to have breakfast every day from Monday. Boil two eggs, chop up a salad or steam up oatmeal - it does not take much time, but after a week you will feel better and more invigorated in the morning.

Coffee is not water

The body is 60% water, not coffee. But for people who spend a lot of time at work, the body is already 30 percent of the invigorating drink. To drink it regularly, during the working day is a bad habit in the diet.

Try not to abuse: green tea, water with lemon - can also be fun, if you gradually replace them with another cup of coffee. At the same time you improve the body, improve sleep, prevent yellowing of the teeth.

We do not discourage completely abandon coffee: 1-2 servings per day will be more than enough. But the third cup is better to abandon in favor of a glass of water.

Rational nutrition - the key to a light dinner

Often the problem is banal and is characteristic of many office workers, as well as people of physical labor: the weight began to grow after starting sedentary / monotonous / difficult work, when there is not enough time for a hot and healthy lunch, you have to be content with what is in the nearest buffet, stall or the store. And these are cookies, sweets, sweet yogurts ... well, you yourself know.

In order not to lose weight control and not gain extra pounds unnoticed, eat normally during the working day. Have a good breakfast, indulge yourself with snacks between main meals. Then, coming home in the evening, you will not feel terrible hunger. And the night “dogor” does not threaten you.

And for weight loss, just adjust the power. We have already described the basic principles in this article, and you yourself know: do not eat at night (3 hours before bedtime), exclude products containing sugar, flour.

Let's sum up:

  1. Plan your meals: take the weekly menu on the Internet, download the app with PP dishes, such as “Proper nutrition”, “PP recipes” and others in the Play Store.
  2. Drink more water: at least 1.5 liters per day.
  3. Have a good breakfast.
  4. Keep healthy snacks with you: fruits, cereal bars or bread, nuts, etc.
  5. Eat every 3-4 hours: these are three main and two additional snacks.
  6. Prepare simple and hearty meals, take with you to work.
  7. Give preference to healthy food: every day you should have fruits, vegetables in the diet.

Tip: introduce food habits gradually, giving you the opportunity to adapt to each new condition in life. For example, give yourself two weeks to live on a menu planning. When you feel that it takes less time and does not cause negative emotions - refuse an extra cup of coffee a day. Changing nutritional principles can be a daunting task, but solving it can improve your quality of life.

Introduction of all food habits at once from Monday can be a lot of stress and in time you will simply give up the general idea of ​​healthy and proper nutrition at work.

And do not forget that no matter how well you eat - food will not save from chronic fatigue syndrome. Try to rest more, work less and eat healthy food that you really like.

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