The difference in salaries for men and women

2018 | 07 | 15 3032

Over the millennia of its development, mankind has defeated the force of gravity, a huge number of once deadly diseases, curbed the sea element. The list is huge. But gender inequality in everyday life and in the labor market cannot cope.

    As proof, we consider several criteria:
   According to sociological studies conducted in the CIS, wages for women are lower than for men by 16-26%, depending on the position on the career ladder and the sphere of employment. A similar picture is observed around the world. Only the numbers change. For example, in Germany and the UK, men get 20% more.

    The reasons for this gap in wages are simple: established stereotypes, psychological differences, perceptions of needs, etc.

 Managerial level
  Practically everywhere in the post-Soviet space, there is a significant female superiority at the initial stage. Among the experts, everything is more or less evenly. The balance is respected. In the top managerial level, men are twice as high. But at the level of TOP-management, the ratio is already 4 to 1. The attitude to the same qualities in men and women plays a significant role. If aspiration, perseverance and perseverance in a man are perceived favorably, then the same set of women causes irritation. Naturally, everything is reflected in the salary.

 Employment and Professions
   The history of mankind has repeatedly proved that those and others alike can fly into space, manage states, serve in the army. Nevertheless, all this is perceived as exceptions, proving the rules. There is still a tacit gender division of occupations. The seller, the travel agent, the accountant, the lower and middle medical staff, the teacher are considered typically female. The birth and upbringing of children initially push them to choose more “comfortable” professions.

   Asking the question: why is this happening, psychologists have found that women are embarrassed to demand an increase in wages. Many managers, knowing that women are more compliant, compromise and more often agree to a lower salary than men, with the same skills and education, they enjoy using it. Put pressure on pity, sympathy, a very successful reception. Women for some reason believe that they will appreciate in the future.

 History is ruthless
   Such a state of affairs has a historically established foundation: the man is “the breadwinner and the breadwinner,” the woman is the keeper of the hearth. Interestingly, with the appearance of a child in the family, the income of men usually grows by 6%, while for women it falls by 4%. And it's not about discrimination. Fathers start working more. Maternity leave for men, even in feminized Europe, is rare.

    In the ranking of the report on the global gender gap of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Belarus ranks 30 out of 144, Ukraine 69 and Russia 75.

 Iceland comes first. A unique country where gender equality is almost a national idea. In October 1975, almost the entire female population there arranged for themselves a “day off”. They simply did not go to work and refused to do household chores, demanding, among other things, raising salaries to the level of men. This event completely changed the future of the island. Later, the first president was elected there - a woman, later the composition of the parliament became 50% female. Of course, an equal approach in working relations is enshrined in law. Salary is influenced only by knowledge and experience. Today, Iceland is called a country "where it is best to be a woman."

 According to researchers, to the relative equality of the sexes we still have at least a hundred years. And if in the field of education it can take only 13 years to overcome the difference in salary, then in politics, it will take 99. And in economics and medicine, equality will not come for the next two centuries.

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