5 tips for those who want to find work abroad

2019 | 11 | 03 1248

Olga Lazor, head of PromoChoice, an employment agency abroad, told how to find a legal job in Europe and not be deceived. Everything is clear, understandable and very relevant for those who are in search and do not want to fall for scammers. Those who want to be sure of a salary, in working conditions, in safety.

The purpose of this article is to help you figure out what, how, and where to look for employment. How to understand that you are not scammers. Tell about what mistakes should not be made in cooperation with the agency.

We just want to help you not to lose money, time and find a job that will bring you money, pleasure and help to realize your plans and aspirations in life.

So, 5 secrets that you will not find anywhere else:

1 SECRET: do not trust and verify

A common problem of people who first encounter workers in the field of employment abroad is naivety. Few people prepare in advance, recognize all the possible schemes of fraud in this market, and know what questions the “agent” needs to ask in order not to let himself be deceived. And in vain, since there are enough fraudsters in the person of an agent and even entire companies.

Hence the first secret of the successful search for a reliable agency: do not trust the first comer. Do not be naive even if you decide that this is a chance and a sign from above, even if it is an old acquaintance or a friend’s recommendation. Take the time and evaluate the reliability of the agency / person. Ask about the license, and you should not be satisfied with the answer: "Yes, we have a license." You have to see it, get acquainted and be sure that it is genuine.

Since the license is your confidence that the agency takes responsibility for their actions, for actions, for employers, partners, shares relevant information, does not harm you and, in specified cases, compensates for the damage.

2 SECRET: where to look for an agency

Each active agency has its own website. Not just a page on “Prom”, but a full-fledged website with comprehensive information: up-to-date contact details, work phones, real office address, a page with the history of the company’s opening.

Our agency started from the site. Initially, we created a platform for mutual exchange: everyone could register and post a questionnaire for employment. And potential employers posted vacancies. We did not take a direct part in the search and selection of candidates / jobs, but only moderated and blocked fraudsters.

It was at this stage that the call came and the woman said that she had been deceived. They offered to find a job in Germany, got the money and disappeared. And when they asked her: “What do you know about the person to whom they gave the money?”, The woman replied that there was nothing but a number in the vibe. The victim of fraud did not even know the name, giving 300 euros to the fraudster. And this was not an isolated case.

Check the agency website. Social networks. Look for the date of the first and last publication to be sure that this is not a one-day site. Agency sites are active: publish vacancies, post and share relevant news. This is an indicator of a reliable agency that invests time and money in the development of the project, in raising awareness of the audience, in promoting the business, rather than trying to pump out as much money as possible and disappear.

3 SECRET: think about where and by whom you want to work

Make a vision in advance of where and by whom you want to work. It is very important. At our agency, each applicant fills out a questionnaire of 25 questions. So we are able to individually select the best employment option for everyone who applies to PromoChoice. After all, employment abroad can bring not only money, but also satisfaction from what you do. This is not only hard work that you could hear about, but also a chance for the long-awaited implementation in some area in which you have long wanted to test your strengths.

Therefore, write in advance (yes, write directly) the answers to the following questions:

  • Which country do I want to work in? “Maybe not in one ...”
  • Who do I want to work? And where can I start?
  • What am i willing to do?
  • What am I categorically not ready to do?
  • Do I have everything I need documents for employment in Europe?
  • Do I need help preparing documents?

And remember, it depends on you: where and by whom you will go to work. You should not limit yourself to the stereotype: “At least somewhere, just to pay.”

4 SECRET: consultation with a manager

Few people know about this, but you can count on a consultation with the manager of an employment agency. Moreover, you need it to make sure that the company is reliable (if you still doubt it), as well as get answers to all your questions. It's inexpensive, but your confidence, awareness is worth a lot!

Just call the manager and make an official consultation appointment. If you have worked well on 3 secrets, then you cannot help but have questions. Do not be shy even such as: “How is it?”, “What should I take with me?”, “And how to dress?” And others. Ask everything that bothers you, that bothers you, that 

interested in. The manager is your assistant who wants to help you and better understand what you need. Then he will be able to find a vacancy that is not easy - picking strawberries in Poland - but will help to better realize your skills, character and protect your nerves from what you are not ready for.

5 SECRET: be patient

In practice, if you work out the previous 4 stages, there is no problem with patience. And it is usually lacking for those who have already fallen for scammers, who have encountered failures, who have not worked out doubts about the reliability of the agency.

It should be understood that we need time. You contacted the agency, paid for the work, now we need to make sure that you do not regret the money and time spent, and this:

Select a vacancy, check it, the employer, legality, contact the employer and make sure that the conditions correspond to the description. And this is before you recommend a vacancy to you.
We must check and prepare your documents. This is an important stage and you can’t rush it. Otherwise, they may be returned back to the border due to the absence of one stamp.
We need time to wait for your invitation from the employer. And it comes with an official sheet, not an electronic copy. It takes up to 10 days.
Yes, there are hot vacancies that you can leave for in 2-3 days, but this is not always what you would like or could do. Often they apply for an individual selection of vacancies and here we have to spend more time at all stages of choosing, checking and preparing you for the trip.

Therefore, if it seems to you that the agency has taken the money and is dragging out time (probably wants to throw it), be patient. If you have chosen a reliable companion - give it up to two weeks to send you to a decent job abroad.



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