Legal work in Montenegro for foreigners

2018 | 08 | 05 4617

The procedure for finding a job in Montenegro is not significantly different from a similar procedure in Russia, Ukraine or any other country. It all depends on what you want to do and what salary you are applying for.

Recruitment agencies

If you want to find a job in prestigious international companies represented on the Montenegrin labor market, then it is right to contact the offices of world recruitment recruitment agencies. Such as:

GI Group (

Trenkwalder (

Dekra (

Newspaper ads

Undecided on the form of employment and the task is to find at least some work for the first time? Pay attention to newspaper ads. For example, "Tender Oglasi".

the Internet

The largest number of vacancies can be found on specialized Internet resources. This will help not only to monitor the labor market, but also to get an idea of ​​the relevance of your specialty. Most popular sites: - State Employment Agency - specializes in job search in Montenegro and the Balkans

Many ads, especially in the summer season, appear in Russian-speaking communities on Facebook, VK or Instagram. Here you can find job vacancies for home helpers, nannies, tutors for your children, cooks, drivers and so forth.

If you are seriously thinking about working in this Adriatic gem, then you definitely need to have an account and join subject groups, for example, “Labor Exchange and Services in Montenegro: vacancies, resumes and job searches” https: //www.facebook. com / groups / work.montenegro /. You can not only view publications of potential employers, but also tell about yourself. Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way to find a job, if you do not avoid the service sector.

You can also search here:

Search in place

In Montenegro, there are two seasons: tourist summer and building winter.

If you plan to relax on the sea and earn some money, then you should look for work in the field of tourism. In Montenegro, they act in the old fashioned way, and you can find job ads in large numbers on the doors of cafes, travel companies or hotels. Of course, you will need at least minimal knowledge of the Serbian language, although many excursion bureaus do not attach any importance to this. If only you could find Russian-speaking tourists, who are still very much there and sell them tours. So, the easiest way is to come and search on the spot. It should be remembered that if you intend to comply with the laws of Montenegro and not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk, you need to set aside time for the execution of all documents. Labor inspection here is working properly.

In the winter season, when construction is actively under way in the country, it is best to look for work using the Montenegrin employment service ( or using social networks where it is realistic to find an employer if you write out your skills .

Self Employment

This is one of the most reliable ways to provide yourself with legal work. By opening your own business, you not only create for yourself the ability to comply with the law, obtain all the necessary permits and make all the necessary deductions, but also be able to employ your loved ones.

Word of mouth

The most common way to get a job in Montenegro is “word of mouth”. Montenegro is a very small country, so here, especially in the Russian-speaking community, there will almost certainly be people who either know you or hear about you.

Employment at home shores

Try to contact companies in your home country that may be interested in a Montenegrin employee. For example, travel or construction companies. Send them a resume, explain how you can be useful and, most likely, one of them will respond to your offer of cooperation.

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