What to do after a robbery abroad

2019 | 04 | 19 1803

Robbery abroad is a nightmare, after which you wake up in a cold sweat, check to see if there is a wallet and a passport. Unfortunately, for many miners this situation from a dream is realized in reality, as fraudsters abroad use the distraction and uncertainty of guest workers and steal valuable things, documents, money right on the street from them.

In order not to get into such force majeure circumstances, you need to carefully monitor your wallet, store documents in the hotel safe or other place of your residence. If this situation could not be avoided, the main thing is not to panic and act decisively, following instructions consisting of 5 effective steps if you are faced with a robbery far from your homeland. So what to do if you were robbed when you rested or worked abroad?

1.Block credit card action
If the fraudster stole the wallet where the cards were located, call your bank as soon as possible so that the operators block accounts. This step is obvious, but in view of the stressful situation, you can simply forget about it while being abroad.

2.Contact the nearest police station
Faced with a robbery in a foreign city, abroad. hurry to the police. This must be done before visiting the Consulate. Arriving at the office, inform the police about the situation, write a statement about the theft. The police officer will issue you a document that confirms the fact of the robbery. He will be required for registration of a passport at the Consulate and the payment of insurance.

3.Contact the Consulate or the Embassy of Ukraine in your country of residence abroad.
Before visiting a diplomatic institution, call there to find out which of the diplomatic staff will be able to receive you to resolve the issue. In addition to the certificate that you were given at the police station, you will also be required to fill out a statement about the theft of a passport and robbery. After writing a statement at the Consulate, the stolen passport is considered invalid, and the attacker will not be able to use it for personal gain.

4.Submit papers for a new passport
     To obtain a new identity document, you will need:

  • 2 color photos;
  • driver's license or any other document proving your identity;
  • paper on citizenship - it can be a copy of a passport lost during a robbery, a birth certificate, a social security document;
  • certificate from the police, which you issued a police officer after a robbery by fraudsters;
  • a statement about the theft of a passport (you fill it in at the Consulate).

Diplomatic staff will also need information about the route of your trip or the purpose of your stay abroad. This is necessary for registration of a passport: normal or emergency. If in the days following the robbery you planned to leave abroad and go home, you will be given a passport of limited action. Its design takes 24 hours. If your stay abroad after the robbery is continued, you will be issued a regular passport valid for 10 years. It takes several days.

Please note that Consulates do not work on weekends and holidays. Therefore, if the robbery happened during this period, you will have to wait for a weekday to seek diplomatic assistance.

5.Take care of getting money
If after the robbery you were left without money, contact your relatives or friends in your homeland for help. Consulate staff will help you navigate the work of international payment systems so that you receive your money transfer.

The robbery that happened abroad is a reason not only for frustration and stress, but also to act clearly, quickly and harmoniously. In this way, it 1.s possible to minimize the possible consequences of this unpleasant situation that can happen to anyone abroad.

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