All infuriates at work, what to do?

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What if at work everything annoys

Every morning you start with three stages:

  • negation;
  • Adoption;
  • humility.

After that, you get out of bed and persuade yourself to get ready for work, leave the promised place, spend the floor for an hour at best, come and see ... this is all that has annoyed you so much lately.

No, you're all right. Relatively, of course. And this happens, happens and will happen to everyone - a period when at work literally everything is annoying: from the guard at the entrance to the need to greet colleagues.

Where does the irritation come from

Psychology interprets the feeling of irritation as a response to any obstacle, an obstacle. At the same time, a person is limited in the emotional spectrum: circumstances do not allow to show aggression, anger or other more obvious emotions, throwing out indignation at an object or situation. Those. irritation - a feeling akin to the containment, the suppression of the more fervent impulses.

As a rule, work is a hotbed of such emotions. Mostly because at least 70% of the world's population is not satisfied with their profession. Every day to do something that does not cause any positive emotions - to accumulate fatigue, dissatisfaction, and these feelings create optimal conditions for all-embracing irritation for everything related to work.

At the same time, an inner sense of rabies is released in more suitable conditions. At home, to relatives, friends, cashier in the supermarket, people in public transport and so on.

Is it about you? Let's look for an option, how to deal with it and survive.

How to deal with irritation at work

Start by analyzing the circumstances that cause the very annoyance. Perhaps his source is not a job at all, but emotional depression, depression, even health problems. And you just replace the concept, throwing indignation at work.

We have selected for you a few practices aimed at suppressing irritation. So, how to stop rage and go to work normally:

Create your “anchor” of calm.
"Anchor" in psychology has a similar meaning to the ship's attributes. His role is to “tie” certain installations to objects, images, and even words.

Everyone has psychological anchors, but not always positive ones. For example: "anchor" on a black cat - crossed the road and we must wait for trouble. Or anchor for 18 hours - after that you can not eat. Other.

They can be stamped for themselves individually, while tying the necessary emotional or psychological state to them.

For example, keep in mind a picture with the word "breathe" or your favorite cup. Create an association of calm, take them in your hands and try to create those feelings that you want to experience when you see them.

It is necessary to systematically work with objects before they begin to work for you. Every day, take a few minutes to take the object, present yourself calm, peaceful, contented and associate it with the subject. Soon you will simply experience this by looking at the object.

As without breathing practice?

Feel an attack of irritation? - Sit comfortably, relax. Cover your eyes. Slowly inhale and imagine how the negative is transformed inside you into an object (twigs, lump, cloud — which you like more). All that infuriates you, all these feelings and thoughts form a single figure. Hold your breath for a few seconds, imagining the object of negative feelings to your throat. And as you exhale, visualize how it comes out of you.

Is it getting easier?

Then make two more approaches.

Stroking movements are especially helpful when it is necessary to fill the gap. Therefore, it would be good to buy anti-stress coloring and give it for 5 minutes every day during working hours.

Do sports.
Sports activities cheer up, help to fight stress, improve the quality of life in general. Go to work and from work on foot, attend sections or a banal exercise machine after work, and you generally can throw out your feeling at a physical level.

Look for a new job.
Being in a state of chronic stress is the right way to a psychiatrist. If you can not cope with irritation and are confident that the matter is really not in you, look for a new job. Since, day by day, consciously contracting ourselves as part of constant irritation, being in a work environment that is frustrating is slowly and surely creating the ground for serious diseases.

Just relax, think about what you would like to do and resolutely change everything for the better. Do not go abroad?

What to do if furious work - 5 frequent reasons and how to deal with them
Madden colleagues.
Alas, but if nobody pisses you off at work, perhaps it’s you who infuriates everyone. Although you would hardly have read this article, since colleagues are one of the dominant factors that gossip about in the kitchens of offices. This is evidenced by a survey of the well-known portal “Jobs.”: According to the results, only 8% of the respondents are not annoyed towards the employees.

Here the mathematics is simple: the larger the team, the higher the chance of meeting a colleague with whom the “X-factors” do not coincide. The most common reasons for this are:

  • arrogance;
  • duplicity;
  • greed;
  • rudeness
  • stupidity

And much more, well, you understand.

How to deal with it:

In fact, let's not be cunning, we have to work on ourselves. Psychologists recommend a lot of things, make up whole trainings and books on the adoption of people, even such as forever bewildering colleagues.

Easy way: ignore. Simply interfere and “blur pixels” at the place where the employee / employee should be at that moment. Do not delve into words, reduce communication to a polite minimum.

Intermediate method (not for introverts): talk. Discuss exactly what annoys you. Perhaps a colleague simply does not notice this for himself / does not see your mad look. Not suitable if you are annoyed by something in appearance, from a racist arsenal, something for which you may be considered tactless, boor and dislike the rest of the team.

Difficult way: psychologists say that people who annoy us are often a reflection of vices that we don’t like about ourselves. Up to crooked nose, freckles, ways to laugh, etc. It is necessary to analyze: what causes rabies in you, try to explain for yourself the behavior of a person, the essence of his actions. Maybe he is not as unbearable as you paint yourself. Circumstances, just circumstances.

Advice: try to turn the next psychological focus with yourself and with an irritant - every time you see a colleague of pain, imagine how you give him / her a gift. Beautiful, dear, from the heart. Gave? Repeat the following approach at the meeting. It takes time for everyone to accept it, but soon you will feel that the person has become less stressed. And, paradox, his attitude towards you also change to more loyal.

Infuriates the head.
Complicated form of irritation when at work enrage its origins. There can be even more reasons if you have several directors at once: department, direction, director, founder, etc. Factors for internal rabies are also quite a few.

The most common: rudeness, unfair treatment, leveling success, constant dissatisfaction in your address, delayed wages, fines, etc. It is not easy to solve problems of this level. Here you need to talk with a person, understand the reasons for such an attitude (this is, if not banal, often late arrival on your part). For the most part, they are simply tired, in a constant state of multitasking, hunted down by 101 problems. So they struggle with their irritation - throw it out on others.

After analyzing the situation and, perhaps, even having discussed it with the authorities, you still do not find a solution? It is likely that the problem is not in you and it's time to think about finding a new job. Since life in constant stress leads to a decrease in the quality of life in general.

Tip: mentally give gifts, according to the scheme of paragraph "1." It helps.

Madden working conditions.
Work schedule, smoking room on a schedule, inadequate clients, almost going to the toilet has to work out, dirt in the kitchen, collective irresponsibility in everyday matters, food is lost from the fridge, or whatever. Everyone infuriates at the level of conditions. And not only statutory, prescribed in the contract, but also in the arrangement of the office, workplace, collective habits and herd instinct.

How to deal with it:

Agree. It is necessary to look for a compromise. Get ready to talk a lot and argue your point of view. Well, if the team supports, then your opinion will find more weighty reasons.

Even if you can not solve the problem, having spoken it, giving an opinion, you will immediately feel some relief. Or even more irritation from the fact that you did not support, did not listen, did not listen. It all depends on your psycho. In the case of a progression of internal dissatisfaction and rabies at work, it is worth thinking about changing jobs.

Enrages not have time.
It means - do not have time for work. By superhuman plans. According to the tasks. According to the projects. Instead, you have to sit on a meaningless meeting, while the right time is dripping, the task is “burning”, and the team is discussing everything.

When it is necessary to go through several circles of bureaucratic "hell" in order to approve / agree on a decision according to new laws. Even the smallest. Without which the work is worth, and without the sequence prescribed in the statutes, is not enough.

How to deal with it:

Be able to filter and feel free to talk. From personal experience: the boss at a previous job liked to hold a gauging team every Monday and Friday. For a few hours. For all projects. Even if I do not work on it, I still have to be present and listen.

At some point, I “freaked out”, irritation reached its apogee and I said: “Sorry to interrupt. If there are no questions for me, can I go back to work? ” The next day I was raised a salary. Just because I am a manager of my time and I plan the work day myself. Show it to your superiors, make it clear that you are rightly prioritizing.

Infuriates a small salary.
A rare worker is happy with his salary. And this is perfectly normal - more expensive to evaluate their efforts. It is especially insulting when you work in a company for a long time, and during that time did not wait for a noticeable increase.

There are many reasons for this result, but there is only one advice here - you have to ask.

How to deal with it:

To get rid of the irritation associated with a small salary - you have to ask her to raise. Waiting on the priest is exactly the tactic of the weak and rarely works. Prepare yourself first: make a clear answer to the question: “Why / why should you raise your salary?” And also: “What will the increase motivate you to?”.

You can directly ask: “What should I do to get a 10% / 20% / 50% salary increase?”. Understand that the chiefs are of little interest to your former merits. You have already done it - you have already paid for it. Looking at the prospect, they are more puzzled by the question of what else you can do in exchange for a salary increase.

For example, additional duties, a new level of responsibility or overtime. Just do not drive yourself with promises in uncomfortable working conditions. After all, have to do what they promised.

I hope, I managed to help you solve the problem with the fact that everything infuriates you at work.

Just take a vacation and take a break from it all. Maybe you are just corny tired.

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