Can I learn Polish for free?

2018 | 11 | 30 2544

This question is of concern to all who plan to travel or leave for work in Poland. We are glad to please you: even with limited finances, you can learn Polish yourself. We will tell you how to do it quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Polish from scratch

In his study, the Ukrainians have a significant advantage. Since Polish belongs to the Slavic branch of languages, it is much easier to master it than another foreign language. Much will be intuitive, and the learning process will be accelerated. Although, of course, not as fast as a tutor.

If you start learning Polish from scratch, then a personal educator will help:

  • avoid the mistakes of all newbies;
  • create an individual program;
  • paint a training plan;
  • train the correct pronunciation;
  • save money on buying books, videos, and educational films.

The last point will surprise many, but private lessons allow you to access such materials that you cannot get from free resources. Plus, you can engage with the teacher on Skype at a convenient time for you. Find such a mentor here:

Lack of motivation

The main problem of those who want to learn Polish, but throws this venture halfway. Lack of purpose and purposefulness does not allow you to work productively on the result, and you will not succeed in making progress on the same enthusiasm. Therefore, first of all, indicate what you want to achieve. Learn spoken Polish or intensively study grammar, expand vocabulary or work with pronunciation. Of course, an integrated approach will be most effective. But for this you need to point out the tasks that you set for yourself.

In order not to lose motivation in the process, think about what the knowledge of Polish will give you in the end - what horizons will open up for you. The opportunity to work abroad, in Europe, traveling to other countries - all this is great inspiring and supporting when it is difficult.

Where to begin?

If we are talking about completely free education, then the option to buy a textbook is not for us. The alternative is a library. First, there is a wide range of literature presented there, unlike bookstores, where the range is rather limited. Secondly, the librarian will help you find the right books, advise authoritative authors. The disadvantage of this training method is that you will not have to study at home. Unless you can take on certain textbooks.

Find the desired dictionary or book can be on the Internet. The availability of information sources opens up the possibility to easily download or read online the textbooks that interest you. But here it is important to know which literature is preferred. Give this question enough time to figure it out, because the success of the training depends on the right books. Read reviews on specialized forums or ask for the advice of those who also learn Polish.

Training schedule

Self-discipline is as important as motivation. Make yourself a class schedule and follow it strictly. It is important to practice regularly. Best of all several times a day, devoting time to both grammar and vocabulary. For example, in the morning you can read a paragraph in a textbook and perform exercises to fix it, and in the evening learn 20 new words.

Schedule of lessons hang in a prominent place, put a reminder on the phone and enter the reward system. For example, after every tenth lesson, please yourself shopping. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, it is important to do it with pleasure. Perhaps once the purchase of a new thing will be relevant for you, and you will celebrate the next 10 lessons with an ordinary chocolate bar. But eat it with a sense of satisfaction with your success. When you study without a tutor, you will have to perform his function in praise too.

Learning while relaxing

Anyone, even the most interesting textbook, will bore you sooner or later. To study was not a burden, diversify it with something besides books. Let your weekend activities be entertaining:

  • watch a movie or TV series in Polish;
  • read a piece of art, preferably something that you already know in your native
  • language, or find a bilingual book and read texts in parallel;
  • Listen to songs in Polish - update your playlist for your morning run and combine two useful things at once.

At first, it will be difficult to perceive the Polish language by ear, although many words will be approximately clear to you, but over time you will notice that your vocabulary has become much more, and the speech is more coherent.

Good habits

Teach yourself to think Polish. This will greatly simplify further the perception and accelerate the skill of drawing up proposals during communication. You can translate the interface of frequently used devices and profiles in social networks into Polish. Thus, it is possible to absolutely free of charge make the learning process more efficient and native.

Start your morning with the news in Polish, and finish learning a new idiom. Just a few minutes a day will be an invaluable investment in the improvement of language skills.

Get a dictionary for every day. Write down the concepts or phrases you use in everyday life, and in the evening find their translation into Polish and try to memorize. The next time you say the words out loud in your own language, mentally translate them into Polish.

Your hobby can also be an additional way to learn Polish faster. If you are fond of sports, then find training videos without translation. Repeat the exercise, memorizing new words and phrases. Do you like science or do you like to watch documentary? Download popular science broadcasts in Polish and make new discoveries right in the learning process.

Technology to help

In an era of mobility, it is not difficult to find time to learn a language. Audio lessons allow you to learn literally on the go, Skype - to communicate with native speakers living abroad. Even a smartphone sometimes replaces a whole stack of books. Download useful applications that will help bring your goal closer:

1.Nemo is a free program with which you can learn popular phrases in Polish. All of them are voiced by the Poles, which allows them to train their pronunciation and learn to perceive speech by ear. The application is suitable for beginners and allows you to learn from scratch.

2.FunEasyLearn even works offline. The program is designed for 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. In her dictionary there are more than 6 thousand words with pictures and transcriptions voiced by native speakers. All of them are distributed by topic. In addition, you can even learn by playing, and different methods of memorizing material allow you to choose the best for everyone individually.

3.L-Lingo are Polish lessons, divided by topics. Vocabulary is also voiced by the Poles. Some content in the application is paid, but there are also materials that can be studied for free.

4.Babbel is a program for learning new words. It also contains grammar exercises. The main feature of the application is the lack of a Russian interface. Thus, you can immediately learn two languages: in addition to Polish, learn another European, for example, English.

As you can see, learning Polish for free is not so difficult, especially for speakers of one of the Slavic languages. If you plan to go to work in Poland in the near future, then you should have no problems with motivation. Use all available and described methods to learn the language and increase your value as an employee. It will be easier for you to navigate in an unfamiliar country, communicate with people and enjoy your stay in Poland, immersed in a new language environment. To speed up the learning process, you can always turn to professionals. For example, enroll in group classes where you can hone knowledge among like-minded people:

And if you doubt your abilities, then first you can go to Poland as a volunteer and improve your skills among native speakers. Find jobs that interest you here:

Successes you in learning!

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