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How to get a job abroad

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 More and more people are leaving their countries to work abroad, and the most popular countries for labor emigration are precisely the countries of Europe. The explanation for this is simple - the EU countries are opening up good prospects for those who live and work there. Most are eager to visit European countries, but more and more citizens are thinking about job placement in European countries.

  One of the main reasons is the prevailing situation in their home country, when labor is underpaid under difficult working conditions. At the same time, prices for products and services are, as a rule, quite high. That is why, the question of how to find work in Europe, to become more relevant for citizens of many countries.

The issue of documents

 When moving to Europe for employment, one of the central issues is the documents that are necessary for legal residence and official work in the EU countries. Now we often see how many people travel on a tourist visa and then, after the expiry of the visa, remain illegally abroad. A tourist visa is much easier to get, but such a variant of staying in a European country is a violation of the law, which can mean a number of troubles for the illegal. A much better option is to issue a work visa or a work permit - the basic documents that allow you to work in Europe, being protected by the state.

  Work permit

As a rule, in order to work abroad, you need to get a work permit, which in the future will help you get a residence permit.

  In order to execute this document, it is necessary to prepare the following list of documents:

  • A statement from the employer where he confirms that you will work with him;
  • The announcement of the vacancy for which you were applying - it confirms that this vacancy is relevant;
  • Original foreign passport and its photocopy;
  • The document on education (it is not required in all countries);
  • Receipt for payment of the fee.

  It is important to understand that this is a conditional list, the points of which can vary depending on the requirements of a particular country. Do not be afraid of the process of filing documents, but you still need to remember that this process can be time consuming and take some time. But the result is still worth your effort.

  I wish you success!

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