What hobbies to specify in the resume?

2018 | 05 | 30 1856

According to psychologists, hobbies develop a whole set of skills that help in the professional activity of a person. That is why, the question of a hobby is included in the set of mandatory during the interview. Recruiters try to create your comprehensive portrait, to identify your strengths and weaknesses, including to understand whether you have the necessary qualities to perform corporate tasks.

     Most often, the hobbies in the resume are asked to indicate in order to find out:

  • Are you a team man?
  • how well your leadership qualities are developed;
  • how curious and ready you are to develop;
  • whether you are ready to perform narrow tasks or you can set wider ones.   

For example, if in your free time you are the captain of a yard football team, it means that you feel comfortable working in a team and are able to lead the project.

What you should not do when answering a question about your hobby:
Do not invent yourself "profitable" hobbies. You can fall asleep on additional questions and find yourself in a stupid position.
Do not list extreme hobbies if your work is not risky. Why do we need a risky employee in the office, which will be in the hospital and disrupt the work process after Sunday motorcycle races. It is better to simply indicate that you are interested in motorcycles.
do not specify social networking in your resume as a hobby.
Do not emphasize single hobbies, if you are applying for a position in the team.
speak only about the current, do not remember the hobby of your childhood.
You should not talk about the hobby, which is clearly at odds with the income level of the position for which you are considered. A store manager who is fond of helicopter flights will clearly cause unnecessary questions about the occupation of other members of your family and why you should work at all.
do not specify banality: reading, watching movies, solving crossword puzzles, etc. Most will indicate this in their resumes. And you need to stand out! And stand out profitable.
it is not necessary to indicate anything that is somehow connected with religion, especially occultism, etc .;
do not tell about anything that is connected with excitement in all its manifestations, whether it be stock exchange transactions or card games. Gambling people are poorly managed and do not obey the rules of the team.
avoid misinterpretation. For example, cognac tastings, making beer, collecting cigars.

How to answer the question about the hobby

think over the benefits of your hobbies. Highlight the skills useful for the desired position: teamwork, dedication, perseverance.
tell with pleasure and joy. Remember a couple of funny situations, it will show you as quite an open and interesting person.
mark your achievements.

If you have a chance to find out who will be interviewing, collect as much information as possible about this person and try to go out for general hobbies during the conversation. This will not only help you to attract attention, but also bring you closer.

 A few successful examples of hobbies in the resume:

  • volleyball, football, swimming, etc. (not extreme sports);
  • music in all its manifestations;
  • fishing, hunting, hiking in the forest (in the mountains);
  • everything related to folk skills: carving, sewing, knitting;
  • Any creative hobbies: painting, writing, photography. 

By the way, a few centuries ago the title of this article would have sounded like this- “Little wooden horses that will impress the future employer!”. The fact is that “hobbies” called their favorite children's toys, and only from the 18th century did this word have its usual meaning.

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