Holidays in Poland while on earnings

2019 | 06 | 05 1720

Work in Europe can diversify rich vacation! In particular, Poland is a country with beautiful nature and sights that are worth seeing with my own eyes. What holiday to choose: on the coast of the sea, in the mountains or in the colorful cities - we will help you to make the right choice.

Seaside resort

The Baltic coast, of course, differs from the Black Sea, which we are used to. There you will not burn in the sun and at the same time be able to enjoy plenty of clean sandy beaches and fresh sea air. The water temperature at the height of the season is kept at around 15-170C, but this does not mean that lovers of the warm sea will not like this holiday. The beaches of Poland are surrounded by pine forests where you can have a picnic or just meditate to the birds singing. The price of the sea holiday is quite affordable and will not significantly affect your budget. But you can replenish your strength to return to work with enthusiasm.

The most popular among tourists coastal cities in Poland - Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Their beaches will meet you with white sand under your feet and entertainment for every taste. In Sopot, you should visit the famous wooden pier with a length of 515.5 meters. It is the longest not only in Poland, but also in Europe. In Gdansk, both nature and architecture deserve attention - the old streets, the town hall, the cathedrals and churches. And those who love cultural holidays will certainly be interested in the opera house, philharmonic or museums. In Gdynia, too, there is something to see: museum ships, an observation deck on Stone Hill, a museum of oceanography with an aquarium.

Ski holidays in Poland

If the mountains attract you more than the sea, then in Poland you can not only admire the mountain landscapes, but also try extreme entertainment. You can go for impressions to one of the popular resorts: in the Tatras, Zakopane or the Sudetes.

There are many hiking trails of different difficulty levels in the Tatras. All of them pass through the national mountain park. Another picturesque local landmark is Morskoye Oko Lake, one of the most beautiful on our planet. There you can also admire the views of the Koscieliska valley or visit the caves. Zakopane is located at the foot of the Tatras. In the summer there you can arrange an unforgettable vacation with horseback riding and riding a quad bike.

Edge of a thousand lakes

This is exactly what Mazury is called - an area located in northern Poland. And this is not just a name, because there are really about 4 thousand lakes there! And around them - reserves, forests, plains and landscape parks. Those who prefer outdoor activities can go kayaking, cycling or riding. And lovers of fishing and yachting will feel really in their element. If you work in Poland together with your other half, then there’s no more romantic date than a dinner on a yacht.

City holiday in Poland

Those who are attracted to cities with history, excursions and walks, you can go in any direction, because in Poland, even every small town has its own flavor. If earnings allow, it is best to rent a car and go on a short trip on wheels. But in general, the transport communication between the cities is excellent, and you can go to the new city at least every day. Even an ordinary worker with an average income can afford housing, meals and entertainment in Poland.

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It attracts tourists with historical and architectural monuments, cathedrals and palaces. Be sure to visit the Old Town and the zoo.

In Warsaw, along with museums, theaters and historical landmarks, modern buildings and business centers coexist. This city preserves its centuries-old spirit, but it keeps up with the times. Here, too, there are many palaces, a zoo. And those who are interested in science, will appreciate the Center "Copernicus." Such a cognitive vacation will make an indelible impression on you.

Wroclaw is rich in monuments and bridges. In the Old Town, you can look at the local town hall, churches, fountains, stroll through the narrow streets and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages. You can visit the opera, the island of Tumsky, the majestic cathedrals or go in search of the fabulous gnomes - the symbol of the city, meeting at every step.

In Poznan, you can admire palaces, temples, churches, visit local festivals and holidays. Particular attention is paid to attractions such as the Royal Castle and Market Square.

In almost any city in Poland, you can visit castles, fortresses, built many centuries ago. Such a vacation will not leave indifferent romantics and fans of the knightly era.

Cultural holidays in Poland

This European country is rich in not only attractive places for tourists, but also interesting events. In summer, numerous music, cinematographic, ethnographic and other thematic festivals take place in Poland.

In June, the Mozart Festival and the Złota Tarka jazz festival are held in Warsaw, and the Lantern Festival of the Lanterns and the annual street fair are held in Poznan. A similar fair can be visited in Gdansk, there is also a song festival.

In July, you can join the strawberry picking festival or visit the largest electronic and dance music festival, the Sunrise Festival. The music festival also takes place in Gdynia, contemporary music in Zakopane, and organ music in Gdansk. This holiday will definitely appeal to music lovers.

Augustus is rich in folklore festivals, and if you want to attend an unusual event, go to Krasnostav for the hop collection festival. In Poland, it’s not difficult to arrange a cultural program, because the events, especially in summer, take place almost every weekend.

Rest for adults and children

Many Ukrainians come to Poland with the whole family. And entertainment, respectively, are looking for those that will appeal to both children and adults. TOP most interesting places suitable for this criterion:

Amusement Park Energyland in Zator. There you will find exciting rides, 7D cinemas, performances by circus performers and magicians. The whole family can visit the planetarium or aquazone with swimming pools.
Dinosaur Park JuraPark in Krasieuva. This is the largest park in Europe with more than two hundred models of prehistoric creatures. Visitors can see what a real dinosaur species looked like and learn a lot of interesting information about it.
Family Park "Magic Gardens" in Janowiec is a place where fabulous creatures and fantastic characters live. Among the picturesque nature, you can visit the city of the dwarves, the castle of sorceresses or the house of the magician.
Wieliczka Salt Mine This salt is more than 700 years old. There is a whole underground city with picturesque lakes, infrastructure and its fabulous country Solilandia. Traveling with mines, you can meet fantastic heroes, listen to local legends and learn a lot about salt mining in Poland.
Park miniatures Invald. Here you can feel like Guliver and go on a trip to Australia, Europe, Asia or America. On a scale of 1:15 or 1:10, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and other famous world landmarks are represented in the park of miniatures.
To combine rest and work in Poland is quite real. Especially if working conditions provide for weekends. If you wish, you can go from Poland to any neighboring European country, but inside the country there will be enough entertainment and sights to diversify your stay on earnings.

Holidays in Europe - affordable and varied. He will allow you to distract from working life and rejuvenate, expand your horizons and gain positive impressions.

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