How to correctly write a cover letter to your resume

2018 | 07 | 04 2745

A cover letter is a chance to interest the employer in a couple of lines and make him want to read the resume. But with the same success, these few lines are able to turn a recruiter away from you, simply by tiring him with their content.

So that this did not happen, let's analyze together what phrases you shouldn’t use in the cover letter.

Ludicrous design kills the whole essence of the content.

  The most important rule for processing important documents is the absence of punctuation and grammatical errors. Especially this rule applies to presentation documents, such as a cover letter and resume, because this is the face of your candidacy.

  According to the results of interviews with recruiters, 62% of respondents are more annoyed because of illiteracy and mistakes, and not certain phrases. Therefore, so that you decide to write about yourself, remember the main rule - “check seven times, send once”.

Anti-rating phrases that poison cover letter

  First of all, it is worthwhile to find and exclude the adjectives “stress resistant” and “communicative”. 14 percent of Eychars consider these words to be banal and meaningless, explaining that many candidates more often do not know their meaning completely. “All candidates write stress resistance, and the word“ sociability ”is not able to explain at all, let alone be one,” the recruiters say.

The next most popular ones are the requests “not to call, not to offer, not to disturb ...”. These phrases cause a negative in 9% of employers surveyed. You can simply try to weed out the offers in the form of spam or inappropriate ways of communication, and the Eychary will most likely see in them a lack of trust or interest in their professional experience.

  Fourth place in anti-rating with 7% of the votes personnel officers highlighted the phrase "easy learner." And more dissatisfaction is caused not so much by the quality itself, but by the given formulation. This definition in the cover letter is too extensive and in fact does not say anything concrete about you that the employer could catch on.

  Fewer indignation voices scored phrases about presentable appearance, responsibility and ability to work with office equipment, but they should also be avoided, especially in the cover letter. If you are not applying for a vacancy in the modeling business, then starting acquaintance, referring to your beauty, does not make sense, and the responsibility and basic knowledge of office equipment - and so obvious qualities.

So how do you create an informative text, crossing out well-known phrases?

  Given that banal phrases should be avoided, the text should still contain useful, presentable information. Consider 5 phrases how to convey the necessary information, bypassing the stamps hated by recruiters in a cover letter.

  So, the most common examples are:

"I think...". Emphasis on your ability to think processes can be done by describing situations where these abilities come in handy. For example, the sentence “I think my interpersonal skills are maximally developed” can be replaced by “I will be helped by my communication skills to become a successful project manager.”
"I'm good…". Replace such self-praise with more specific epithets: hardworking, talented, experienced, etc. Do not forget that the list should be brief and as informative as possible.
"I want to get this job because ...". Recruitment managers often do not care why you need this job. To explain why you responded precisely to his vacancy, try to present it according to the formula: company requirements + your professional skills = one hundred percent result.
"How could you find out from my resume ...". The phrase is common, but definitely superfluous. Therefore, shorten the sentence “As it is written in my resume, for the last two years I have been managing the development department” to a shorter one - “For the last two years I have been managing the development department.” Words less and more self-confidence.
"I am the best candidate." High self-esteem - this is certainly good, but too overestimated - not very much. Believe me, every second candidate writes that he is the same. If you so want to describe yourself from the best side, apply something from the range of "strong" or "unique", if it really is about you.
  Remember, the purpose of the cover letter is not to praise yourself at all, but to interest. Therefore, the presence in it or the formulation of certain phrases will play a decisive role for you. Take this issue seriously and the fruits of the work done will not keep you waiting.

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