What documents are needed for work abroad

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Ukrainians are interested in a decent salary, but, unfortunately, in Ukraine it is extremely difficult to find a job at a rate of 500 euros or more. This is the salary of top managers, IT specialists, chiefs - of positions, the receipt of which requires from one to five years of a career ladder. In Europe, without special education, you can receive from 800 euros in positions as harvest workers, construction workers, maids and other professions that do not require a diploma or experience. And with the approval of a visa-free get documents for travel and employment has become even easier.

In this article we will briefly write down the list of documents that need to be taken in order to find a job in Europe, move and temporarily live in the territory of a foreign state.

What documents are needed to travel abroad

  • dock for departure;
  • docs for employment;
  • Docs for registration of a residence permit.
  • Foreign passport of the new sample.

Documents for traveling abroad

For those who designed the zagran until 2014, it is necessary to re-register on biometric. Since the old model does not provide for visa-free travel, it is permissible to visit Egypt or Turkey freely, but for other trips a visa will be required. To avoid such confusion - now get in line for a passport.

To get it, prepare:

  • application form;
  • Ukrainian passport;
  • TIN;
  • receipt of payment of the administrative fee;
  • previously issued passport.

This is enough to buy tickets and visit EU states. Also travel abroad is permissible in the presence of:

  • official or diplomatic passport;
  • valid seaman's passport;

Documents for employment

Visa-free does not give the right to legal employment. It is necessary to issue a work visa and receive an invitation from the employer.

To obtain a work permit, prepare:

  • international passport;
  • photocopy of INN;
  • photocopy of the passport of a citizen;
  • certificate of good conduct;
  • diploma of education;
  • employment record;
  • medical insurance;
  • a bank account with a certain amount of funds (each country sets its own limit);
  • confirmation of rental apartments, long-term prepayment of the hotel during your stay.

All provided information must be translated and submitted in the state language.

Permission to maintain labor activity is issued for a period of 3, 6, 12 months, as well as to extend after the expiration of the due date.

How to extend the resolution

Specify the details of the extension in the process of obtaining a visa at the embassy: the nuances may differ. On average, the process in the EU is similar:

Short-term visa: issued for 3 months and can be extended at the request of the employer. Those. the head sends the request to the voivodship, and if all the documents are relevant, a permit is issued for three more.

Long-term visa: for 6-12 months. After working for more than 90 days, renewal is permissible. A labor contract for a year makes it possible to apply for a residence permit.

End of visa: if you can not extend it - you need to leave the country. Re-issue a work permit and you can return in 90 days.

Documents for registration of a residence permit

Registration is valid under the following circumstances:

  • purchase of real estate: the completion of the transaction and the design of the house / apartment for a specific amount;
  • investment in the economy: the investment of personal funds in the development of the country;
  • company registration, the provision of vacancies for local;
  • marriage with a foreign citizen (coy);
  • labor contact for a period of one year or more;
  • training in public universities;
  • scientific work;
  • diplomatic visits;
  • long-term treatment in hospitals of a foreign state;
  • long legal residence.

Documents for registration:

fill in the questionnaire (you can download it on the website of the representative office or receive it directly upon submission)

  • 4 passport photos;
  • visa and overseas;
  • medical insurance;
  • a copy of the current labor contract;
  • check payment of the fee for registration.

At the time of the procedure, migrants may stay in the state even with an expired visa. However, the necessary paper should be submitted with a valid permit.

This article is a checklist for understanding what you may need from the documents as a whole. However, it should not be used as an accurate guide. Each country has the right to make changes to the lists of papers for entry and employment. To be sure - send a request to the representative office of the country: you will be sent the current recommended list of documents. Or you can find it on the official website of the embassy in your country.

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