Which countries can Ukrainians work without visa?

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  Work abroad always requires advance preparation. And one of the most important points: to find out if you need a visa for it. Many countries are open to our compatriots, but there are also those where entry is closed without a visa to Ukrainian citizens.

Getting a work visa in Europe

  Making a visa for employment in Europe is quite simple. For example, for employment in Poland, you need to contact the consulate or come there for visa-free travel and find a suitable vacancy on the spot. If you prefer the first option, then collect the documents for a visa, pay the consular fee and submit them.

  The standard package includes:

  • a visa application form,
  • 2 current photos of the desired format,
  • a passport and its copy,
  • ukrainian passport and its copy,
  • insurance.
  • If there is an invitation from the employer, include it in the list of documents.

  The check may take about a week, but it may take two months. This is worth considering when preparing.

  For a Czech working visa, the package of documents is the same, but you will also have to pay a visa fee, which will depend on its validity period.

  For a German visa to work, you need all the same documents + an additional copy of your passport and another shot. In addition, you must submit a contract concluded with the German side, where all the nuances of future work will be spelled out.

  It is also quite simple to get a visa for seasonal work in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania - it is enough to prepare a package of documents, as for a Polish visa.

  But for work, for example, in Ireland, where there are many vacancies for representatives of the IT-sphere, you need a UK work visa and invitations to work on contact. Even harder to get a job in Switzerland and Norway, due to the peculiarities of their labor laws. First of all, the work is provided to local specialists, and then the opportunity of employment is given to citizens of other countries.

  If you have a work visa issued by any of the EU countries, for example, Polish, then you can count on employment in Germany if you have a Van der Elst visa. To get it, you need to contact the consular department of the German Embassy in Warsaw.

  To do this, you need:

  • to fill in the German application form,
  • provide a passport,
  • work visa,
  • photographs,
  • work contract and contract between the Polish and German side,
  • as well as the employer's statement about sending your subordinate on a business trip with a detailed description of the employee’s job, terms and activities insurance.

  The consular fee for obtaining a visa Van der Elst is 75 euros. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. If all your documents are in order, you can count on a positive result. Otherwise, the money will not be returned to you anyway.

Travel without a visa

  After the adoption of the law on visa-free for Ukrainian citizens a year and a half ago, the Schengen zone became even more attractive for travelers and those who are looking for work abroad.

  You can be in Samoa and Turkey for 60 days without a visa, stay in Hong Kong for 14 days, 15 as a tourist in Egypt if you arrive at Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

U  p to 72 hours, you can use visa-free transit in China, for 4 days transit is allowed to enter Singapore.

  The Dominican Republic is open without a visa for 21 days, and Fiji -for 4 months.

  Ukrainians can visit the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic without a visa and temporary restrictions.

 To enter Mexico, Ukrainians need to go online to get an electronic entry permit, or a US visa.

Visa upon arrival

  Registration of such a visa takes place at the airport of the country where you arrive by plane. It is made in your passport. If you plan to go to one of the countries where you need to get such a visa, learn in advance about the possibility of its online registration on the official website of the embassy or consulate. There you will have to enter your data from the passport and financial solvency, to provide a document confirming the reservation at the hotel.

  A temporary visa on arrival will cost you money. How many - you can find out in advance on the website of the consulate. Usually the consular fee is small, the exact cost is better to specify shortly before the trip, so that it does not lose relevance.

Difficulties of design and opportunities

  As you can see, the presence of nuances in the visa regime of the states complicates the paperwork for tourists to visit them, not to mention labor migrants. The easiest way to get a visa to our citizens for business trips to Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania. Those who want to try their luck in these countries may well rely on a multivisa. But to do it, hoping to find work on the spot, still not worth it. It is better to look for suitable vacancies on the website in advance: link. Among freelancers, exotic countries are particularly popular: Bali, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka. In these countries, too, the most simple system for obtaining travel documents.

  You can also legally get a job abroad in the presence of a biometric passport. Of course, the period of stay in the country will be limited, but the same 90 days is enough to work out the tourist season. On the spot, you must obtain a work permit or have an invitation with you and conclude a contract. Such working trips, for example, to Poland can be repeated every six months. This term may vary by country. The advantages of biopassport work: saving money on a visa and the possibility of legal employment. But not all employers are ready to accept employees for just 3 months. Therefore, it is better to clarify the working conditions in advance when you look for work abroad.

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