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2018 | 05 | 26 2723

How to highlight your greatest strengths in CV?
  From the description of work experience in the resume depends on whether you can get a promising position in a prestigious company. Let's think together about how to create a CV that will make you the best candidate in the eyes of your employer.

  Accustom yourself to specifics - the description of work experience does not tolerate water. Avoid unnecessary phrases and inaccuracies in the wording. If you occupied the position of sales manager, just write - the generalizing “middle manager” sounds nice, but does not say anything. Such summaries are perceived as dummies and are often not read to the end. The same applies to the names of the companies in which you worked: they must be fully and correctly registered, because it shows your respect for the former employer.

  Do not forget to paint your achievements in the same positions. Believe me, this part of your resume will be looked through especially carefully. Try not to use common phrases like “establishing an efficient office operation” or “developing partnerships”. Imagine that you have worked all your life as a bricklayer. How would you describe your work? That's right: built 30 houses, each of which was successfully commissioned. Adhere to the same principle.

  Be attentive with dates! Do not round the terms of work - neither up nor down. You should not be limited to years either, it is desirable to indicate more accurate data. Agree that "2016-2017" and "January 2016 - December 2017" are perceived completely differently - in the first case, a potential employer in his head may think that you worked in the same place for only 2-3 months.

  Reflecting on what to write in the "Experience of Work" in the resume, proceed from the position to which you are applying. It makes no sense to describe in detail their achievements in the field of trade, if the new position has no relation to sales. Highlight only those moments that show you on the positive side in the light of a specific sentence.

  Additional skills - do not forget about this part of the resume. Other things being equal, it can be decisive, highlighting you against the rest of the applicants. Feel free to prescribe the programs and technologies with which you dealt, as well as refresher courses. Perhaps now it seems unimportant to you to participate in an exhibition in China, but perhaps it will make the greatest impression on your future boss.

And finally, the last. Do not indicate in the resume information that does not correspond to reality! Even if you really want. A recruiter with good experience will quickly lead you to clean water, and then you will always recommend yourself from the not very good side. It is better to concentrate on your strengths, and then everything will work out for you.

Good luck to you!

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