Work in Estonia, what Ukrainians need to know

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To get legal employment in the Baltic country, you need to find an official employer. This can be done through a special agency or in an independent way. You can find out if your potential labor partner in Estonia works legally by following this link, typing the company name in the search bar. This simple method will allow you to immediately eliminate unscrupulous companies and pay attention to the proposals in the framework of labor migration.

If you are looking for a job through an agency service, remember some points:
Relations with an intermediary (recruitment agency) are concluded on the basis of a written

  • Contract: it is signed by both parties;
  • one, issued by both parties - for the agency, and the second - for the employee (and the employee must have this paper during the entire time he is abroad);
  • details of work are reflected in the contract concluded with the organization that
  • provides a vacancy in Estonia (the amount of salary, work schedule, duties, etc.).

Before you go to work, you need to draw up in writing the contract with the organization-employer (it is acceptable to design a paper in Russian). You must have a signed document all the time you stay in Estonia! Take this recommendation carefully and keep it with your passport, money and valuables - in a safe or other safe place.
Carefully read who your host organization is under the terms of the contract. Very often, companies operating in Estonia have their own branches in Ukraine, which is why Ukrainians are often drawn up as specialists on a business trip basis. Under such circumstances, the employer is considered to be a firm from Ukraine, and it will pay for your professional activities in Estonia. This practice is welcomed and implemented in international corporations.
Take care of the necessary documentation for a trip to work. In order to clarify in detail the list of papers for employment in a legal job, email or call +372 612 3500. Below is a list of papers required for professional activities:
Visa d
It must be issued in the Consulate of Estonia in Ukraine. Primary papers for registration are submitted by the applicant personally. But this is done only after the Estonian company has issued a Ukrainian as a hired foreign specialist in the Department of Border Guard and Police. The duration of the document is 270 days, after which you must leave the Baltic states. Pay attention to this time limit and do not violate it, so as not to bear administrative responsibility. If it is assumed that you will work in Estonia for less than 270 days, the receiving party informs the above Department.

D visa issued by another Schengen state
To legally get a job in a foreign country, the employer must add you to the list of their employees and register with the institution mentioned above. The procedure assumes that a company from Estonia submits an application to this diplomatic body, and its employees make a decision for 10 days. Ukrainians who want to clarify whether they have already been added to the lists can follow the link According to this visa document, the total period of stay in Estonia and work here is a maximum of 90 days. Other countries have similar restrictions.

When a Ukrainian is planning to go to work in the Baltic state - Estonia, he needs to provide papers for obtaining a residence permit, which gives the right to work officially. The residence permit must be submitted with an invitation and contract from the employer who provides you with a position. When a species expires, a Ukrainian can stay in a foreign country for 90 days. Pay attention to this temporary restriction.

It is important to know!!!
If you applied to an intermediary company to obtain permits for further work, check whether their activities comply with Estonian legal requirements! To avoid fraud, call the Hotline to combat cases of labor slavery: +372 6607 320 or write to Information support is carried out in the Russian-language form. Consultants respond in detail, attentively and in an accessible format to incoming questions from subscribers, clarifying incomprehensible situations and dispelling doubts about work activities.


What to do on arrival at work in Estonia?

Find out if your vacancy organization is legal. To do this, its name must be entered into the search box by following the link The name of the company and its registration number must be identical to those specified in the employment contract. Enter the data must be carefully, as the names of companies, although written in Latin letters, are difficult to understand by Slavic applicants.
Before arriving in Estonia to perform work, it is necessary to conclude an Agreement in writing. If a Ukrainian arrives in the Baltic States as an employee, the contract is concluded with an employer in Ukraine. This is often done by international corporations with head offices in Tallinn and other Estonian cities, and their branches operate in the territory of our country.
Be sure to draw up a document in writing, one of the two copies must be constantly with you during the entire period of stay in a foreign country.
If your presence in one of the Baltic States is based on a visa-free basis or you are a seconded employee, your employer must register you by including your full name on the Department’s list. Labor without such clearance is considered illegal and is prosecuted at the legislative level. Responsible persons are administratively liable.
If a citizen of Ukraine works in Estonia on the basis of a standard D visa or conducts professional activity on the basis of a permit for short-term work, the employee must submit an application to the local government authority himself. This should be done no later than 5 days after the start of work. As a result of processing the application, the applicant receives an identification code.
If your stay and employment in Estonia is based on the validity of a residence permit document, the following steps should be taken:
register a place of residence in the Baltic country by contacting the self-government body of the local territorial unit. This gives you the opportunity to get a medical insurance. To register, you must provide a permit from the owner of the property or a rental contract to the local government official.
The medical insurance service is provided by the so-called Medical Cashier and becomes valid for 14 days from the date of registration by your employer on the Department’s list.
for quick and effective adaptation in the Baltic country, you can become a member of the Program for foreign guests. The conditions and the possibility of obtaining a basic knowledge of the Estonian language can be obtained from the Department.
According to Estonian law, there is a requirement to register all employees who need to collect taxes when they are employed. Employee registration must be completed before he takes over his professional duties.
If there are any disputes or misunderstandings with the company-employer, call the toll-free hotline in Estonia +372 6607 320. Operators also provide information support in Russian as well.

Be carefull!!!

No matter how tempting and promising offers from illegal employers, do not get fooled by such employment. Being in the country illegally and working under the same conditions, you risk being deported from the country and having problems at the legislative level.

What to do in force majeure situations?

            Unfortunately, when planning a trip to work, you can face scammers and become a victim of fraud or become the object of exploitation in such situations:

hazardous to health and life work;
aggressive, difficult working conditions;
unsatisfactory living conditions;
the seizure of personal documents, cash, valuables;
deceptive manipulation of wages (understating its amount or non-payment)
poor social protection or lack thereof;
isolation, violation of personal boundaries, threats related to work and personal sphere.

 In such force majeure situations, you immediately seek the help of qualified specialists by contacting the Hotline by dialing the number indicated in this article. Operators will provide the necessary assistance, inform you where to turn, help you to draw up a statement on an illegal employer. Consultants provide information support in the Russian version.

            If legal disputes arise in the field of legal employment in Estonia (delayed or non-payment of payment, inadequate working or living conditions, lack of compliance with safety at work), submit the appropriate application to the Labor Inspectorate. If you are legally registered in Estonia, but have lost your job, you can contact the Unemployment Department to obtain a suitable vacancy.

            You should not be shy and fearful of contacting state authorities because of ignorance or poor knowledge of the Estonian language. Many diplomatic officials are fluent in Russian and English, since communication with foreigners is their job. Employees treat citizens of the CIS countries with understanding, they fully help them, using their powers and authority.


            What else is important to know when looking for vacancies in Estonia?

Please note that the level of remuneration specified in the advertisement may sometimes not correspond to the real one specified in the employment contract. Naturally, it is important to understand that advertising is an enticing factor.
Be aware that signing up a contract with an intermediary agency working in the market for finding jobs abroad is absolutely no guarantee that you will find an excellent job. Deciding whether or not to hire an applicant is the prerogative of the employing company only.
The job search service in Estonia is provided free of charge - this is an ironclad rule. Intermediary organizations that demand payment for the successful employment of an applicant violate the legal framework and are subject to administrative prosecution.
It should be noted that the employing company in Estonia has no obligation to provide housing to an hired specialist without charge. Data on the provision of housing, the amount of remuneration for work and other nuances are indicated in the contract.
Unfortunately, data published on the Internet is not always correct. Therefore, in order to evaluate the prospect of a job offer in Estonia, it is necessary to check the authenticity of information about work by calling the free consultation service at the number mentioned in our review. Information about the employer will be crucial for deciding whether to go abroad.
Thus, when planning to go to work abroad, carefully check the legality of the employer, cooperate only with well-known Ukrainian personnel agencies for the selection of work abroad and do not lose vigilance upon arrival in Estonia. As soon as you cross the border for work and arrive at your destination, do not forget to get registered by visiting the Ukrainian consulate, which will give you every reason for legal protection in the territory of a foreign, Baltic state - Estonia.

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