What to do if the airline has lost your baggage: step-by-step instructions

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Baggage lost: what to do?

Traveling opens up prospects for receiving positive emotions, adventures, feelings of joy and delight. But the travel experience is significantly spoiled if baggage is lost at the airport. This material provides an algorithm of actions to be taken if you are in such an unpleasant situation.

Where to look for the loss?

Upon arrival at the destination airport you must go to the baggage claim belt. Finding the right conveyor belt is easy. Carefully study the scoreboard above each tape, where the flight number and its direction are displayed. To avoid errors, get your ticket and check the flight number indicated in it and on the electronic scoreboard. If the conveyor has already stopped, and the tourists from your flight dismantled their suitcases, and yours was not among them, then most likely he was lost ...

Who should I contact if my suitcase is lost?

Even if your things are lost, you should not panic. Almost all tourist losses are detected during the first days after the loss. After finding out that there is no suitcase on the tape, contact the airport staff - at the Lost & Found counter located in the aircraft arrival area.

Service specialists will ask you to fill out an Act confirming the fact of the loss of things. The following information shall be indicated in the document:

  • personal data of the traveler;
  • itinerary;
  • detailed information about the lost suitcase (number of seats, numbering of labels, weight);
  • "special signs";
  • suitcase delivery address in case of detection;
  • passenger details

In addition to the Act on the loss of things after the flight, it is also necessary to issue a special declaration. It details the data on the lost suitcase: what things are in it, money, valuables, documents - their detailed description. At the end of the procedure, the passenger is issued a copy of the receipt document, which indicates the number of your case and the contacts of the Lost & Found service employees.

Tourists who have repeatedly found themselves in such an unpleasant situation recommend taking the contact phone number of the service manager, who will oversee the procedure for finding your suitcase. Having learned the act number, you can also independently control the search on the Internet: on the official web resource of the airline and in the world system - World Tracer.

When the service employees find the loss, the airline employee will call you and tell you this happy, long-awaited news. There are two ways to pick up your seemingly permanently lost things:

  • order their delivery directly to your home;
  • pick up yourself from the air harbor - airport.

In the second case, do not forget to bring along: a passport, a PIR (act of baggage loss), a declaration and other documents drawn up after an unpleasant incident.

If things were not found?

The search for lost suitcases continues actively for almost a month - 21 days. If during this time the suitcase is not found, it is assigned a sad status - missing forever. But you should not be too upset about this. Yes, lost things cannot be returned, but cash compensation can be requested for them.

The amount of compensation for losses is regulated by international air law and the airline’s internal rules. Each case of baggage loss is considered individually, and almost all of them are resolved with a positive outcome.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Montreal Convention, the amount of financial compensation for the loss of a suitcase is the equivalent of $ 20 per 1 kg of things. But their value and value are, unfortunately, not taken into account.

How to apply for cash compensation?

Please note that a complaint can be filed against the carrier that caused the baggage to be lost within 36 months from the date of the loss. If airline representatives do not respond to your signal properly, you have the right to contact the judiciary. You can make a complaint to the airline within 2 years from the moment of loss of things due to the fault of the air carrier.

Original claims should be attached to the officially filed claim, which confirm the fact of the loss of baggage in this air harbor and you, as its client, have every right to equivalent monetary compensation. The baggage label, receipt of payment and the presence of other related documents will help the relevant services to act quickly and quickly get the result.

What to do to avoid the loss of a suitcase?

In most cases, baggage loss is the fault of the carrier or airport. But there are situations where the passenger himself provoked the loss of a suitcase. To minimize the risk of losing things through your own fault, you must be guided by the following rules:

Remove airbags from the suitcase remaining from previous flights. Before starting your flight check-in, carefully inspect the suitcase and remove the former barcode labels. This must be done, as one of the most common causes of sorting failures is to scan code from a previous flight.

The luggage is sent to the luggage compartment of the wrong airliner.
Attach a contact information tag to the suitcase. Get a separate label on the suitcase, fill it. Information will allow you to quickly understand who is the owner of things, and where luggage should go. Such information will help out especially in cases where the baggage registration tag is lost, torn or erased.
Make your luggage visually noticeable. To do this, attach a visually eye-catching, bright and effective element to your luggage. It can be a cover, ribbon, bow, shawl of bright, saturated colors.

Check in on time. It is logical that if you are late for checking in your flight, you have a big risk of not flying away at all. But even if you manage to pre-register, luggage will be delivered to the plane with the belongings of passengers on other flights. In such confusion, the probability of loss is high. The system of separate loading of suitcases on board the aircraft is one of the frequent causes of force majeure and passenger anxiety.
Losing luggage is scary, but even worse - to succumb to the panic and chaos of negative thoughts. Therefore, faced with such a situation, act according to a clear algorithm of steps and eliminate the risk factors for losing the suitcase through your own fault. Let the flight be a source of loss of routine and dullness of everyday life, and not your baggage!

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