What gives a Polish visa category D

2019 | 11 | 14 947

This question is answered by experts of the main Ukrainian consulate located in Krakow. Ukrainian citizens who have issued a Polish visa in D format have the full right to travel to other Schengen countries. The duration of their stay should be a maximum of 3 months for six months. This right applies if the holder of a national visa meets the following requirements:

Availability of a valid passport.
The presence of an insurance policy whose validity period corresponds to the period of stay of a citizen of Ukraine in the territory of the Schengen states.
When a person planning a trip to the Schengen country can reasonably justify the purpose of his visit and stay abroad.
When a Ukrainian has enough financial means to maintain the usual standard of living in the host country, to return to his homeland or to transit the third power. If there is not enough money, a citizen of Ukraine is obliged to inform the border service of how he is going to legally receive money for living abroad.
Persons holding a category D visa can visit Schengen countries if their details are not included in the list of citizens who were previously denied entry.
If foreigners do not threaten public order, political life and security of the Polish Republic.
Due to the lack of border control in the Schengen area of ​​citizens who cross state borders on a motor vehicle, there is also no clear verification of the length of stay of a foreigner in the Schengen territory.

If you travel by airline, then the period of stay in Schengen may be subject to verification. This is due to the fact that information about a foreign citizen is entered into the airport border control base. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that a person who has exceeded the period of stay in Schengen by more than 3 months will be liable for his misconduct.

The situation associated with exceeding the agreed limit of 3 months within six months is fraught with the expulsion of a foreigner from the Schengen area and the execution of a ban on her visit for a different period.

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