What to take to work in Poland

2019 | 06 | 28 2116

When planning a trip to work abroad, the actual question is what to take. What can be useful, and what things just in vain will take place in the luggage.

We have compiled for you a list of basic things that you will need in Poland if you plan to work there.

Everything else you can buy already in Poland, but if you forget the documents - just do not cross the border. So be careful, read in our article: "Passage of the Polish-Ukrainian border," what documents you need to have with you, so as not to return home ahead of time.

SIM card Polish cellular.
You can buy it at specialized agencies engaged in employment abroad, as well as in travel services, on the Internet or directly near the border with the country.

Communication is a necessary thing and it will be easier and more profitable for you to contact an agent / employer with a Polish card. So stay in touch and at the first opportunity to buy a card.

Trite, but do not forget seasonal things. In Poland, changeable, wet weather. If you are accustomed to the southern sun, then you should also take a jacket with protection from the rain and with a hood. In any season, it will not be superfluous. We will not remind you about several sets of things for work, everyday wear and at home. You just put them in a suitcase. Put?

First Aid Kit
If you suffer from time to time chronic diseases - do not forget to buy with a supply of drugs to fight the disease. And also take basic medicines, which can (God forbid, no) come in handy:

  • antiseptic;
  • bandages and plaster;
  • drugs for ARVI (from sore throat, with a cold);
  • flu drugs;
  • antiviral solutions;
  • set for poisoning and diarrhea;
  • ointment / cream for bruises and tensile.

Why so much, you ask. Indeed, in Poland there are exactly if not the same drugs, then analogs. But do not forget that many of them simply will not be sold to you without a prescription.

Personal hygiene products.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, etc. - all this can be bought on the spot. However, we recommend buying them prudently. If the road takes several days, at night you will be taken to the settlement and other nuances may exhaust you, and the absence of your toothbrush can also create a stressful situation.

Take with your manicure set, comb, machine for shaving.

Towel and bed.
One we use - the second while the washed is drying. Therefore, conditionally two sets will be enough. Towels and bed linen. The latter is voluminous and relatively heavy, so assess the situation correctly and, if it is not possible to take two sets at once, take one with the thought that the second will have to be purchased.

Banal - travel cup (thermos), a plate, a fork and a spoon. No matter what conditions you find yourself in, the basic set of cutlery will be with you.

There are situations where you have to live without cooking utensils. Questions of this nature should be asked in advance to a potential employer / agent in order to adequately assess opportunities for things you can take. After all, you see, it is a pleasure to take pots and pans with you.

On the road, and those that will be your plan "B" for the period of stay in Poland.

On the road it is worth taking products uncomplicated, with a long shelf life, good packaging and a minimum of garbage. These can be blanks, like sandwiches, rolls in pita bread, pies, and purchased snacks: nuts, dried fruits, fruits, etc.

It is not recommended to take meat products, such as bacon, sausage, meat, chicken carcasses - they can be taken away at the border and also set a fine of 200 zlotys. In addition, to say exactly how much you stand on the border, it is impossible. More than a day of waiting and food can deteriorate.

Cereals and pasta to carry more than 2 kg is prohibited, and it makes no sense - the price tag in supermarkets is adequate, so you can buy on the spot.

Bring coffee, tea, a package of cereals, sugar no more than 1 kg. and ordinary drinking water for the whole journey to Poland.

Cigarettes store at home. In Poland, they cost from 100 hryvnia (15 zł) per pack. When importing tobacco products should be remembered: no more than 2 blocks are allowed to carry.

In order to save, they practice the roll-up version: you can take a hand-made device for cigarettes, tobacco and buy it in place as needed. So it will be possible to significantly reduce the cost of cigarettes, if you have to spend more than three months in Poland.

Another option is to quit smoking. So you can save more!

Useful stuff.

You definitely have them: headphones, a notebook with basic information for travel, sunglasses, a cap with a visor, a Polish phrasebook. Write down key addresses, phone numbers in a notebook - no one will steal it for sure, unlike a phone.

Total: we take everything in moderation, without fanaticism. Having thought over in advance the working conditions, what should be taken from home, and what can be bought in Poland. Unnecessary things - extra expenses. And unreasoned luggage - stress at customs.

Good luck to you!

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