Visas for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

2019 | 12 | 10 825

Czech Republic doubled the number of quotas for work visas for Ukrainian citizens

            Employers from the Czech Republic demonstrate an obvious interest in work resources from Ukraine. As a confirmation of this positive trend for us, the Czech government decided to stimulate the activities of Czech entrepreneurs, as well as to motivate our compatriots to come to the neighboring European country to earn money. The authorities decided to hang up quotas for the reception of Ukrainian employees.

This is an important decision for our compatriots was made in the framework of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Czech Republic in early summer 2019. Speaking more specifically about the innovation, the legislative act at the official level implies a doubling in the number of permits for Ukrainians to work in the Czech Republic.

If we translate the essence of the innovation into figures, then earlier the number of our citizens who had the right to work in the Czech Republic was about 20 thousand people. Today, this figure has doubled and amounts to 40 thousand employees annually.

According to the Ministry of Labor of a neighboring country, according to statistical information as of the end of 2018, the total number of our compatriots who successfully worked and work in the Czech state was more than 121 thousand people. It is noteworthy that this indicator equals a little more than 20% of the total number of foreign employees who work in the neighboring European power.

Despite the fact that Ukrainian specialists go abroad in order to get a job with a good income, this phenomenon also has another side to the coin - labor immigration to our country. However, it should be noted that labor immigration to Ukraine is not yet very developed, popular and in demand. Only time will tell what the situation will be in the labor market of Ukraine in the coming years.

Many Ukrainian employees are successfully employed in foreign companies, but domestic enterprises and firms are also interested in work resources, albeit foreign ones, attracted from abroad. Perhaps in the near future foreign specialists will make obvious competition to our employees ...

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