Blue Card in Germany

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Blue Card translates as Blue Card - it gives a “green light” to legal employment in Germany and other European countries, providing its holder with a number of additional privileges. A Blue Card is issued only if the applicant complies with certain rules, criteria and requirements. Such permission in Germany can be obtained by highly qualified and competent specialists who are not citizens of EU countries, but who have already concluded an employment contract with a German employer.

            The existence of a document cherished by many labor migrants provides them with the right to legally carry out labor activities and live in Germany and other European Union states. Offering foreign employees to issue a Blue Card, German employing companies seek to attract qualified, experienced personnel from around the world, including citizens of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Who is eligible to receive a Blue Card?

            To apply for a Blue Card in Germany, a candidate for its receipt must have a higher completed education. When considering data from applicants on the Blue Card, preference is given to specialists in the following areas:

  • programmers and medical workers;
  • employees of the banking and financial sector;
  • legal engineers and specialists;
  • trade workers;
  • teachers and researchers.

            In addition to a diploma of higher education, a candidate for a Blue Card must have an officially concluded employment contract with a German employer. In addition, there is a financial selection criterion for candidates for the Blue Card - the minimum wage for a specialist should be 50,800 Euros annually before tax. For some professions, the financial criterion is slightly lower and amounts to approximately 39,600 Euros annually. That is, the salary should be 1.5-2 times higher than the average for Germany.

How to draw up a document?

            The design process involves the following algorithm of actions:

  • First of all, you need to contact the German Embassy to apply for a D visa;
    upon arrival in Germany you need to register and apply to the Office for Foreigners to apply for the Blue Card;
  • The list of documents submitted includes a higher education diploma, an employment contract, a certificate confirming the required level of financial income, and medical insurance.

            The duration of the consideration of documents and the resolution of the issue of issue or denial of the Blue Card is about 6 weeks.

Blue Card Design Benefits

Spouses of Blue Card holders and their children under the age of majority receive the right to obtain a residence permit in Germany for the duration of the employment contract. Spouses of the card holder have the right to apply for a residence permit due to family reunion. It is noteworthy that the requirement of knowledge of the German language for spouses and children does not apply. Registration of a residence permit entitles its holder to work in a company or engage in business.

The availability of paper opens up opportunities for traveling around the European Union. The cardholder can travel to other EU countries, provided that the time spent outside the German state is no more than 90 days from a total period of 180 days.

Blue Card holders can leave Germany for 1 year, despite the fact that holders of a residence permit have a more severe restriction: they can be absent in Germany for only 180 days.
After a year and a half, Blue Card holders can work in other countries of the European Union.
The prospects and privileges of the permit in question stimulate an active influx of qualified specialists into Germany from other countries. Largely due to the increase in the total share of competent personnel, the German economy is developing steadily, showing record figures not only in Europe but also in the world.

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