Free and paid sites to find work: what to choose?

2018 | 08 | 15 5717

When you start looking for a job, you will encounter both paid and free services for job search. Most people prefer to use free platforms, without even thinking about the possible benefits of paid services. To make the right choice in the process of job search, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of free sites, as well as paid ones. What are they?

 Advantages of free platforms for job search

  One of the main advantages is that you have the ability to perform all actions on the site and use all the possibilities without spending money on it. Another very important advantage is great coverage. Free sites are used by more job seekers and at the same time more employers, which gives more opportunities to both.

  Advantages of paid sites

 One of the disadvantages of free sites is a large enough number of fake profiles as a result of a simple registration process and lack of verification by the site administration. At the same time on paid sites all accounts are real, as there is no sense in paying for fake profiles. Another reason for confidence in the authenticity of information: paid platforms have strict moderation, checking all profiles and removing untruthful or indecent information in profiles and job descriptions. Therefore, you can be sure of the information you see on the site. In addition, the paid sites usually provide high-quality user support, so you can easily contact the administrators and get detailed advice.

 Another significant advantage: paid sites maximally reduce the likelihood of fraud, protecting the personal data of their users and maintaining confidentiality at a high level.

  In addition, paid platforms usually undergo a long process of creation and optimization in order to offer their users a high-quality and convenient product. Therefore, choosing paid sites, you see a system, thought out to the details.

 The last significant advantage of paid sites is the absence of obtrusive advertising. We often encounter a situation where banners that constantly pop up from different sides do not allow us to perform the necessary actions on the site. Free-of-charge sites earn on various kinds of advertising, therefore usually it is a lot of it on such resources. Paid sites protect their users from such inconveniences.

When a paid site is just starting to work, it can offer an option for free use, and this is an excellent opportunity for the applicant. For example, all applicants at the moment can use the site for free, except for TOP and VIP services. Also, the use of a site basis for the employer is chargeable - this service is currently only 1 euro. For employers, it is possible to view 6 contacts for free, as well as place one vacancy without payment and receive feedback on it. While there is a set of applicants and employers (for a period of 60 days), the site is practically free, and the cost of paid services is at the moment minimal to support the existence of the site.


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