How much does English proficiency affect wages?

2019 | 12 | 12 848

Learning English or leaving it as it is is one of the main issues of concern to job seekers seeking to successfully get a decent job in Ukraine and abroad. In this thematic review, you will get acquainted with the information on how great is the influence of English language skills on wage rates.

A well-known Ukrainian Internet resource for employment recently conducted a large-scale sociological survey. His results confirmed the importance of knowledge of English - this is evidenced by the positive answers of 30% of respondents.

According to the requirements of vacancies regularly posted on the Internet resource, compulsory knowledge of the English language is necessary not only for teachers, philologists, translators, which, of course. Copywriters, journalists, marketers, and computer technology experts should also understand foreign texts and speech well. When it comes to working abroad, knowledge of English makes life easier for construction workers, welders, locksmiths, truckers and a number of other specialties in demand on foreign markets.

If the applicant speaks English even at a basic level, not to mention the intermediate and advanced format, he acquires the obvious prospect of receiving a higher than average salary. In order to visually get acquainted with the financial privilege, which provides even basic knowledge of English, we give the average wage in different cities of our country.

The basic average financial rate of a copywriter who writes in Russian and Ukrainian and works with metropolitan customers or directly in Kiev is 10-12 thousand hryvnias. At the same time, copywriters from the regions receive an average of 8-10 thousand hryvnias per month. It is interesting that copywriters who write texts in English receive significantly more. In the capital, this indicator starts at 15 thousand hryvnia, and in the regions from 12 thousand hryvnia.

In the labor market, another profession can be distinguished, where the level of remuneration is determined by the level of knowledge of the English language. This is a popular job in the modern world - a sales manager. In the cities of western Ukraine, the average salary for a sales manager is about 13 thousand hryvnias. If the specialist speaks a foreign language, then the salary increases to the level of 17 thousand hryvnias - 4 thousand more, which is a tangible, motivating financial bonus. A significant difference in the level of wages is an excellent motivational incentive to start learning a language or improve the level of knowledge gained at school or university.

Of course, without a good command of English it is difficult to talk about a successful career in the field of IT-technologies. The peculiarity of this profile is associated with close cooperation with customers from different countries.

It is interesting to note that on the Internet resource for the search and selection of work posted more than a thousand vacancies that require knowledge of English. The vast majority of such proposals are placed in the category of Science and Education - more than 500.

If you are still in doubt whether knowledge of the language will help you to build a successful career, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the additional, obvious advantages of owning English:

you will have the opportunity to work in companies and corporations of international scale, where employment involves frequent business trips abroad;
You will have the privilege of early learning the news of your profile, since most professional publications are published abroad, in English;
you will be able to make a confident breakthrough in the career ladder, as you can work not only in your profile, but also be a translator, negotiate with foreign business partners.
In general, learning English or any other foreign language will never be superfluous. Studying a new one stimulates memory, activates the brain, opens up opportunities to feel more confident when traveling abroad - tourist and business.

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