Algorithm for obtaining visas to the EU for Russians and Belarusians

2019 | 07 | 10 547

Some adjustments have been made to the visa code of EU countries. Starting from 2020, documents for visa can be submitted 6 months before the start of the trip. In addition, the cost of a visa will be increased.

The European Union is changing the algorithm for processing visa permits for individuals who are citizens of third countries, including Belarus and the Russian Federation. At the beginning of June 2019, the Council of the European Union countries decided to approve a new procedure for issuing visas for third-country nationals, adjusting the visa code. The updated order will take effect in July 2019, and the new rules will be applied after 6 months. The new procedure concerns the issue of a visa for a period of 3 months.

Visa more expensive

Today, the cost of a regular Schengen visa is 60 Euro. The new rules increase this amount by 20 Euro, and the total cost will be 80 Euro. Payment for a visa for a child aged 6-12 years will also increase and amount to 40 Euro.

The standard cost of a visa applies to Belarusians and Kazakhs, while Russians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis and citizens of some other countries are now paying a fee of 35 Euro. Since this cost is indicated in the Agreement concluded in 2006 between the European Union and Russia on the simplified procedure for obtaining a visa, the fee will remain the same. In addition, many categories of citizens: for example, students who go to the EU to study, do not pay this fee.

According to the EU Council, the new price will help the EU powers to make the procedure for issuing visas more profitable for the European Union. At the same time, new rates will not be a barrier to get a visa for everyone. In addition, according to the requirements of the new visa code, the fee will be adjusted every 3 years.

What are the new deadlines for applying for a visa?

According to the current legislation, you can apply for a Schengen visa no earlier than 90 days before the intended trip, but no later than 15 days. The new algorithm provides more flexible rules - you can submit documents to the Consulate not 3, but 6 months before the planned trip, but no later than 15 days.

Another new rules simplify the procedure for issuing multiviz, the period of validity of which is from 1 to 5 years. Take advantage of this privilege may citizens who often travel to EU countries. These categories include business people, actors, musicians, sailors.

The updated code also regulates the fact that multivisa will be issued not only for citizens of certain categories. To obtain such a multiple permit document, a citizen must have a positive visa history. The updated visa code simplifies the procedure for applying for a document. You can fill in the application form online and verify the document with an electronic signature.

Visa policy depends on the willingness of countries to cooperate

The very important innovation will be the dependence of visa conditions on how actively and densely each of the states is working with the EU in the direction of migration readmission. As spelled out in the updated document, the members of the European Commission will constantly evaluate the policies of third powers as part of readmission activities.

When the state does not cooperate with the European Union in this direction, the European Commission will propose the idea of ​​imposing fines regarding the consideration of applications and increasing the amount of the consular fee. If the state is actively cooperating with the EU on migrant issues, the European Commission will propose a reduction in the amount of payment for issuing a visa, a reduction in the time for processing applications or an increase in the validity period of multivis.

Such new rules give impetus to third countries to actively cooperate with the EU in the field of migration policy. This innovation will probably not affect the Russians much, as the readmission agreement between the EU and the Russian Federation was concluded in 2007. Similar agreements operate between the EU, Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, with the Republic of Belarus such an agreement is not executed. Negotiations on signing the agreement began 5 years ago - in 2014

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