Why not raise wages

2018 | 06 | 06 1722

You have been working in the company for several years and are still waiting for a salary increase. Why it happens? Consider a few common mistakes that employees make when they ask the management for a surcharge.

Force Majeure
You have been preparing for an important conversation for a long time, you held a splendid self-presentation, but your salary was still not raised. What is the reason? Perhaps in unsuccessfully selected time. It is imperative to catch the right moment. A bad mood of a chef, a problem client, a colleague who has broken deadlines - anything can be a pretext. Learn to develop the quality of the sonar, and then you will not have problems in communicating with top management.

Revaluation of self-worth
“Increase your salary, or I will quit!” Is a very ridiculous statement of the question. Never consider yourself an indispensable employee! Yes, it is possible that after your departure for some time there will be a gap in the team, but very soon another one will fill it. An experienced manager will never hold back those for whom their company is just a source of salary.

The opposite side of the previous paragraph, oddly enough, is found very often. You were pushed into this conversation (wife / husband, friends / acquaintances, etc.), but you yourself think you are unworthy of encouragement. If this is so, you should not even try - the one who does not value himself will never increase his salary. First, bring up a fighter, and only then go on the attack. While you mumble something under your breath, others will achieve what they want, leaving you far behind in both material and career terms.

Hope for "avos"
Do not start the conversation unprepared. Anyone who is encouraged to act must have motivation. Especially when it comes to salary increases. In this case, consider your position as a product - you need to properly sell yourself. Remember all the achievements that you can be proud of. Prove to the boss that without your participation the most successful and profitable projects would not have taken place. Engage all available promotional tools - make sure that the chef wants to raise your salary.

Inconsistency of requests for reality
If a colleague with similar responsibilities receives X money, it hardly makes sense to rely on X * 2 for the same amount of work, no matter how great a specialist you think you are. Think real categories. There is an opinion that you need to improve your social and material status? Discuss with the chef a wage increase of 15-20%, for the first time this is enough.

More routine options are possible. For example, the company in which you work hardly keeps afloat and saves on everything. In this case, it is useless to ask the question: "Why do not raise the salary?" - it's time to decide whether you are ready to wait for better times - or the time has come to look for something new.

Good luck with your job search!

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