Profession Change Tips

2018 | 06 | 27 1816

Each boy dreamed about the sky, and each girl about the stage, but for a number of objective reasons you did not master the profession of pilot and actress. Life is much more prosaic. Let’s take courage and believe that anything is possible! Even a cardinal change of profession. After all, do you want every morning to become bright smiling and bring new discoveries in a really interesting business?

Making wishes

  The first thing you need to start with is clearly formulating your desires. What exactly do you really want? Not become a screen star, not scary. You can search for a profession in related fields. And awareness of proximity to a childhood dream will already make you happy.

  Therefore, we take and make a list of our skills. Many of them are appreciated in any company. For example, you are not afraid of public speaking, or know how to negotiate well, and analyze well. Do not focus only on professional skills. Know how to cook, also good.

  In the second, we indicate hobbies and interests. In the third we list “Wishlist”. And then we put them next and try to combine them in the fourth list. A list of professions in which they would combine as much as possible. Now we know what to strive for.

Building stairs

Describe the requirements from job postings.
Gather information about courses, books, webinars, and video tutorials.
Find among the acquaintances a person who could advise at first.
Read about the psychological requirements for the desired profession, and prepare for this side of the inevitable changes.
Plan your way to a lifestyle change.
And in order not to be bored, keep a diary where you will cry about how difficult and difficult it is for you. Over the years, laugh at your own naivety.
  Immerse yourself in the world of your future profession: start reading thematic forums, join professional communities in social networks, attend exhibitions and webinars. Find out how these wonderful people live. You will discover a huge number of parties that you did not even guess about. Gradually, your brain and your reactions will be rebuilt. Without noticing it, you will plunge into the atmosphere that you dreamed about, which means the change will happen much faster. A lot of ways will open up to accelerate metamorphoses: get a job somewhere as an assistant, assistant, courier in the end, and start learning not from books and textbooks, but from real professionals.

  Without sacrifices, difficulties and hardships, a change will not happen. In a new place, you will be paid as a novice employee. So, it is worth thinking and thinking well before deciding to change. Nobody has yet canceled the payment of bills. Yes, and sometimes you want to eat. Friends will twist a finger at the temple and giggle vilely behind. Beloved ones, relatives, friends will not understand you. Usually they break down not because of difficulties in changing their profession, but precisely because of psychological pressure from their close circle.

  Thinking about the fundamental changes, you have already begun to turn into a black sheep. Now get ready for the victims to win.

  After some time, you will discover not only the rainbow side, but also the costs of a new profession. You will be left alone with fears and doubts. And to deal with them is up to you. No one can give you the determination to overcome them. Gather your strength and remember that everything is possible! If you go through this most difficult step, you will receive the main prize - a new self! It’s worth fighting for this.

  Even if after a few months you come to the conclusion that a change is a mistake. Do not consider this a bad result. But you will not suffer that you have not tried.


  P.S. Always leave the opportunity to return to your previous job, this will give the necessary peace of mind and confidence.

  Consult a psychologist for a career counseling test. Find out how relevant to a particular profession.

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