Reasons not to get out of work

2018 | 06 | 15 1555

Thoughts on the topic "quit or stay at work" sooner or later visit everyone. It is impossible to sum up unequivocally for what reason, because they can be attributed to them, as a banal difference of characters with colleagues or boss, and the lack of personal growth or wage growth. It is important to understand whether this is really a reason to quit and whether this choice will help achieve the goal.

How to make a reason to stay out of the negative in the workplace?

To determine the reasons for not retiring from work, let's first define the main factors that cause a person to think about changing employers.

The most common are the following:

  • Lack of wage growth.
  • Lack of growth on the career ladder.
  • Fatigue.
  • Conflicts with colleagues.

Each of these points, which makes one think of quitting, has a right to exist and in some situations is indeed a good reason for changing employers. But let's be honest with ourselves, most often in the same minuses hide and good reasons not to leave work.

Wages, as an occasion to think - whether to retire

This item is the most significant in terms of assessing the workplace. At some point, it may seem to you that your responsibilities are not fully appreciated, or simply to attract an offer from the side with a more attractive salary. It would seem that there is nothing to think about? But still, do not rush to chop from the shoulder and look at this problem from a different angle. With an attractive salary, you will be offered completely different duties, which you do not expect, or which you will be able to realize in the current workplace, having also changed the salary.

|| Conclusion:

Stable monthly income is a huge plus. And it is worth considering whether you will eventually lose more than you will find. Estimate the average wages in the labor market in your industry - maybe you are going to “change the awl for soap” or have nothing to do with it?

Personal and professional development, as a motive to leave or stay at work

If you are going to leave because, after working for a long time, you simply do not see the prospects for career growth, do not rush. It may turn out that you are not seeing these prospects. In this matter you should never try to get everything at once, time and patience are the best advisers here.

|| Conclusion:

Initially, you always have to work on your authority, so that later he will fully work for you. A new job is not a solution to this problem, and as a result you will have to turn out all the merits and privileges from scratch, which will take much longer.

Fatigue and loss of interest in their work, as a dead end in decision making

One of the most common reasons for doubt is whether to stay at work. Difficult week or month, everyday monotony, it became boring and there is no other way out except to change employers. Or does not want to see? If you have difficult periods in work, try to stop for a moment and assess the situation sensibly. Perhaps these difficulties are temporary and burn bridges early. It is often enough just to take a vacation and get some rest, and not to quit your favorite business.

|| Conclusion:

If the question is about the loss of interest in work, then you should always remember the most important thing - only you can do an interesting job for you. Therefore, in the new place of work you will eventually come to typical problems.

And the most insidious - the conflicts in the team and the differences of characters

The most emotional and insidious item. We all went through the consequences of actions taken on emotions in our lives, and most often these consequences are unfortunately reduced. As well as tiredness or loss of interest in work, conflicts and disagreements can haunt you in any company. Therefore, running from this is definitely not an option, and it is worthwhile to try first and foremost to work on yourself.

|| Conclusion:

Allow yourself or your interlocutor to cool down, assess the current situation with a cold mind, discuss and consult with your family on this matter, and you can finally learn a lesson for the future and improve your position in the company, and this conflict will add to the list of reasons not to quit. From the job.

Of all the disadvantages can be folded pros. Do not make hasty decisions. Match all the cons and pros. Pros may exceed the minuses, and you will understand that it’s not about work at all, but it’s always time to leave.

Good luck in your job search

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