A guide to finding a job abroad by yourself

2018 | 10 | 31 1185

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to everyone, regardless of race, country, age, etc. does not prohibit anyone who wants to move and work where he wants. This is already done by the laws of the countries.

Ukrainians, not finding decent options to make money on comfortable living conditions, are looking for prospects abroad. And here there are some bureaucratic difficulties that we described in the article “What documents are needed for working abroad.”

And for those who are already ready to go from thinking to action, we have prepared several options for easy employment in Europe.

How to get a job abroad: 3 best ways

  1. Seasonal work.
  2. Recruitment services.
  3. Travel for the purpose of earning.

Seasonal work

In many European countries, like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and others, there is an increased demand for workers in the service sector, manual labor. Especially during the tourist months and at the time of harvest.

This is a great opportunity to go for 12-36 weeks to earn money without experience, education, housing and food.


  • harvesting / sorting;
  • sellers of seasonal goods (ice cream, refreshments, other goods);
  • maids;
  • waiters;
  • animators;
  • amusement operators;
  • instructors / guides;
  • souvenir sellers.

This is not limited to the list: in Norway, the demand for rippers, in Spain there are chances of getting a job at a construction site, in the Netherlands vacancies are available on livestock farms. You can find a job by listing on sites on the Internet or on the spot directly in the country of destination.

Services recruitment sites

We do not include employment agencies abroad in this list, because everyone knows about them, there are such institutions in almost every city. The only difficulties are to make a choice and not to fall for the scammers, but this is worthy of a separate article.

Modern budget way to find work in another country - special online sites. Like Promo Choice. On our site, employers, recruiting agents from various European countries, posting current vacancies, browsing a directory of specialists, looking for a suitable candidate.

Project participants post resumes in the catalog, as well as review ads for employment and respond to them. Basic functions are free.

Jobs on the online sites are not limited to the field of employment. You can find a job maid, cook, handyman, as well as positions that require special education and experience.

Travel for the purpose of earning

Find employment is really in place. In the cities there are construction sites where you can get a job as a laborer, in cafes there are vacancies of assistants or waiters, companies need couriers. Knowledge of the local language is very important for the field search method. Without it, it will be almost impossible to get a place.

If you, for example, want to go to Germany to earn money, but you don’t know German at all, don’t take a chance and find an invitation to a place in advance using recruiting sites or agencies.

Be persistent. Get ready to get around 20 jobs before you get a job. Do not refuse a trial period, but stipulate in advance the salary and the days of its receipt.

The legislation of the European powers is designed so that Ukrainians can legally visit them without visas, but legally it is only possible to work when obtaining a work permit. Otherwise, it will be clandestinely, without formalization, protection by the law.

Residents of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries go to work legally and illegally. We recommend that you protect yourself and your interests by choosing a formal contract. If they catch you as an illegal labor migrant, they will deport you, they will spoil your history of visits to foreign countries (later there may be problems with obtaining a visa).

Good luck!

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