How many Ukrainians do not want to return to work?

2019 | 10 | 10 2499

A fifth of the zarobitchits who returned from work from abroad do not want to return to work again

Psycho-emotional discomfort is one of the main reasons why our compatriots do not want to go abroad again to work. Almost one fifth of the total number of our citizens who have worked abroad for a long time do not plan to return abroad again for re-employment. This conclusion was made on the basis of a sociological survey of the OLX-Work site, popular in Ukraine.

According to the results of the analysis of the answers of our earned money, they do not want to go to work again because of a psychologically unfavorable situation, difficult emotional adaptation, because of a temporary separation from their family and their usual circle of friends. This answer was given by 4 out of 10 questioned zarobitchan.

It is worth noting that about a third of Ukrainians have lost the need to go abroad to work, as they began to receive good income from us - in Ukraine. More than 15% of residents of Zarabotchans said that along with high wages, housing and food costs also make up a significant share of the total income received. According to the survey, every fifth zarobitchinan was disappointed after working away from their homeland.

As for the motivational level of remuneration:

  • almost half of our workers who received less than $ 1,000 do not plan to return to work abroad;
  • about 20% of citizens who received $ 1,200 per month also do not want to find a job abroad again;
  • Of those whose salaries were US $ 2,000 or more, only 11% do not plan to re-travel to work leaving their homeland.

The main areas of labor migration of our workers who do not want to go to work abroad anymore were Poland, Germany and the Russian Federation. About 25% of dissatisfied labor migrants were employed away from their homeland in the construction industry. The second most popular place is occupied by the transport sector, where zarobitchane worked as drivers, truckers. Third place went to industrial production.

Among foreign workers, over 650 thousand of our fellow citizens received a primary residence permit. This figure is more than 20% of the total number of foreign citizens who managed to obtain a residence permit in the EU. Ukrainian Zarobitchites made up the majority of foreigners who were given permits in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and the Baltic countries.

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