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The fish seeks where it is deeper, and the man - where it is better. In most cases, it is the desire to improve their lives that attracts migrant workers abroad. For Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and residents of the CIS countries, the opportunity to go to Europe to earn money or even permanent residence is a way to increase material wealth, higher social protection, stability and confidence in the future.
Residents of large cities of Ukraine could notice how more and more foreign citizens meet in the service sector. The Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, residents of southeastern CIS countries come to Ukraine for a higher standard of living, which they can’t expect in their country.
Even citizens of successful countries like Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece are increasingly migrating to England, France, America, Australia, New Zealand for a higher social status and salary, freeing up jobs for labor migrants from Ukraine, Russia. There are vacancies both for narrow-profile specialists, and for people without skills and education.
The good news is that Ukrainians more and more want to go abroad legally, work in accordance with the law and honestly earn money. It is this approach to employment abroad that allows you to avoid fraud, non-payment of salaries, and the deterioration of legal relations with another state.
Representatives of different professions and ages apply to our agency for employment abroad. Everyone is worried, for the first time going to work in another country. Many of our customers have never even been abroad. Therefore, excitement and mistrust almost always ends with a number of popular questions. We have compiled a list of the 10 most frequent and exciting of them.

1.Do I need there?

It is rather a matter of motivation. A person who is determined, who has already set priorities and has found for himself the benefits of this decision, does not ask such a question. As they say: there is a demand - there will be a supply. On the foreign labor market there is a demand for mental and physical workers from Ukraine. The level of our culture, upbringing and education is sometimes not inferior to European standards. And this is important - rarely does a developed state want to host residents with a low level of culture and self-awareness in any job positions.
Therefore, do not worry - you are needed in Europe! We need masters, specialists with many years of experience, we need doctors and engineers, teachers, culinary specialists, drivers, housewives, we need people without experience and skills in resorts, hotels, fields and factories. In Great Britain, New Zealand, the USA, Australia and a number of other countries they annually give grand prizes and open special programs for the selection of foreign personnel and their resettlement. What is not an indicator that hardworking workers are needed all over the world?
Decide the main thing for yourself: do you need it?

2. How much money will I receive?

Whatever the goals of labor migration are pursued, the most popular is earnings. It is about him who is asked first of all. The exact amount depends on a number of factors:

  • The economic situation of the country where you are going to work;
  • what are the material obligations of the employer;
  • in what area will you work.

Different countries in Europe have different salaries. In the UK, you can get 2.5 thousand pounds, and in Italy - 1,200 euros. The difference is significant. However, prices for rental housing, food, utilities and additional services are also different. England is considered an expensive country. More than half of your earnings will go to basic needs.
In Italy and Greece, for example, working in the home as a housewife for 800-1200 euros, you have more opportunities to postpone. Since employers provide housing, food, transportation and make valuable gifts. Spending earned money will have to the most insignificant expenses.
Therefore, it is definitely impossible to answer the question: “How much money will I get?” All that you earn is all yours. One thing is for sure - earnings in Europe are 7-10 times higher than in Ukraine.

3. I do not know the language, what should I do?

For basic specialties in factories, factories, as service personnel, knowledge of the language is not a problem. As a rule, you are assigned a Russian-speaking supervisor who will oversee your work. For highly specialized highly qualified specialists a translator is provided.
If you have a few months before you leave, spend them learning the base language. This will make it easier for you to adapt. If you don’t know what language to learn, English, Spanish or German will be the best choice for labor migration.

4. I'm over 50, who will take me?

Age is not a problem. In Greece, Italy, Spain there are vacancies for nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, handymen from 20 to 55 years. Of course, the choice of vacancies will be much less, but many employers value the experience and patience that come with age. So 50 years is not a hindrance to change your life.

5. I am a student, what are my prospects?

Big ones. If you are already 18 years old - no problem finding employment in Europe, even for the holiday season. For students develop special job programs. You definitely heard about Work & Travel. The most popular in the USA, France and even Alaska. There are job offers at resorts like Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, as well as job options for students on cruise ships.

6. Where are the guarantees that I will get a job?

The guarantee of getting a job is your attention and caution. Alas, there are many fraudsters in the field of employment abroad, but there are already enough reliable certified agencies throughout Ukraine so as not to fall for the “scammer”. Finding a reliable contractor is not difficult: firstly, choosing a company, check all kinds of information about it on the Internet. The age of creation, when there was the first publication (on the site or in social networks). The older the company - the more trust it should cause. In addition, people on thematic forums and websites leave reviews about companies and experience in working with them - just google the name of the company. Secondly, study work certificates, if they are presented on the site, or request their scans by mail / originals in person. The company must have a license to conduct labor activities in the field of employment abroad.
Most fraudsters are among private intermediaries. Those. people who work "for themselves." If all you know about a person is his photo in a vibe, the name and the fact that he can send you to Poland on favorable terms tomorrow is a fraud. It is better to work with specialized agencies - they are easier to verify for authenticity and not lose money.

7. Is it true that slavery and prostitution await our abroad?

This stereotype. Moreover, imposed from the time of the Soviet Union, when the government sought to keep the population within the community. Today, the idea of ​​“bullying” continues to be promoted on the Internet. Hundreds of fake stories created by the yellow press to arouse the lively interest of the audience continue to fuel the legend that slavery awaits us outside the homeland. However, how do you live now? How much money remains after paying utility bills and taxes? Not afraid to let the kids go for a walk in the evening? Does the slave labor of teachers, doctors, police officers and other specialties important to the people really pay adequately? Not to mention prostitution, whose services are slipped under the wipers of cars and in the mailboxes of apartments. Perhaps slavery is how you live now?
The high level of culture and the rule of law in Europe simply does not provide for legal slavery, prostitution, robberies and others. Illegal employment - deprives you of the rights and protection of the law in the country where you illegally entered. In order not to become a writer of a heart-breaking story about negative work experience abroad, legally get a job, sign employment contracts, apply for a work visa. And no slavery, prostitution, other ignoble hard work does not threaten you.

8. Which country can I go to?

In any. In this matter, everything depends on you: where would you like to migrate, what to do and how much to earn. Among the countries with the most favorable conditions for migration, the United States and Canada, England, Australia, Poland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and the Baltic countries can be distinguished.

9. What do I need to go to work in another country?

Biometric passport and age 18+. Everything else will help you collect and arrange an agency. You will have many questions if you have already decided, entered into a contract with an employment company and approved a vacancy. When collecting things, you will doubt: what may be needed in another country. Ask this question to your agent. And we will recommend you not to take too much - in Europe, clothes, furniture, dishes are cheaper and better. Especially during periods of seasonal sale.

10. Do I need it?

The logical conclusion of the first question. You need this if every night you go to bed with thoughts about how you do not want to get up for work tomorrow. If sick leave is an opportunity for you to relax from the hated sitting in the office. If you cannot afford to walk at least once a year along the streets of another country. If you are faced with corruption and injustice of your own society, you must try to live differently. And where is the best place to start again, if not in another country?

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