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 "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet"  

                                                                            Rudyard Kipling

We think in another way: on our site there are already employers from the West and workers of the East. They meet, negotiate and go on together to success, because we provide them:

  • the most effective tools for finding jobs;
  • job seekers from Ukraine, CIS, Balkans and the rest of Europe;
  • free resume placement;
  • support at all stages of the search, from legal issues to psychological ones. 

 It all started several years ago, when we decided to stay abroad for a while. If it was easy to find the accommodation, searching  nannies and cleaners took away a lot of our time, energy and nerves. After all, it was necessary to entrust our child, our house to strangers. Therefore, the criteria for assessing the professionalism and human qualities of the applicant were very high. Then there were the searches for tutors, builders, etc. Alongside we were looking for our own job . So the idea was born to unite on the one site those who are looking for a responsible and reliable staff or an ideal employer.

 Why promo-choice.com? Because we moved the way ourselves!

So, if you are looking for:

  • current vacancies from European countries;
  • a personal specialist according to your criteria;
  • a site for placing resumes;
  • placing the video-profile presentation on the Youtube-channel Promo-choice;
  • assistance in creating of a win-win CV, including resumes in the language of an employer;
  • information about the countries you have chosen, necessary for work and residence;
  • legal support;
  • psychological support for yourself or your family members for the period of job search and adaptation;
  • Success stories and experiences of those who have already done this path.

 Promo Choice will provide you with knowledge, skills and, the most important, will support you emotionally, help resolve doubts and fix up all points of contention, answer complex questions and tell you how to make the right choice. 

Posting a resume on promo-choice.com, you also receive a platform from our reliable partners. We very carefully and with great attention treat our customers, so all vacancies and summaries are thoroughly moderated and, in case of complaints, are added to the "Black List" without the right to restore. 

Even if you haven’t figure out with a profession yet, we will help you find an occupation just for you, which will be worthy paid.

   We know how you meet your dream. Take the first step on the Promo Choice website and you will succeed!

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