About Us

It all started a few years ago when we decided to live abroad for some time. We are me, Olga Lazor, the founder of the Promo Choice agency, my husband and son. If finding a home was more or less easy, then the search for a nanny and a cleaning lady took away from us a lot of time, energy and nerves. After all, it was necessary to entrust your child, your home to complete strangers. Therefore, the criteria for assessing the applicant's professionalism and human qualities were very high.

Next was the search for tutors, builders, etc. In parallel, we were also looking for work. And so the idea was born to unite on one platform those who are looking for responsible and reliable performers or the ideal employer.

The first experience - the site of independent job search abroad Promo-Choice.com

And this experience has become basic in studying the market for job demand and supply in Europe. Then, in 2015, we created a platform in the open access for direct employers and applicants. Anyone could register under a specific role (employer / applicant), place an application or resume and wait. After a while, I realized that such a model of employment assistance is ineffective and has many pitfalls.

In addition, the work on the site takes a lot of time, effort, money, but in return brings more work. It was necessary to moderate all the questionnaires, check applications, respond to messages from applicants and employers. All this was done for free, on altruism and the desire to help people who, like me once, wanted to change their lives for the better, settle in and earn extra money in another country.

New opportunities

At some point, I realized that my knowledge, experience, skills, time - help users more than an open area. In addition, attracting employers has also become my task. Understanding in matters of employment abroad, I realized that I can do it on a professional level - to help potential employers and applicants to find each other.

The next stage I decided to open my employment agency for Ukrainians abroad. And the site has become an agency site that effectively allows applicants to find decent employment.

Promo Choice now

Promo Choice is an employment agency abroad. And a site for the effective work of our company and a growing team. It is no longer possible to register, and, as in 2018, place an ad for a job or a profile. Now our employees do it: this is how we 100% avoid scammers, unscrupulous job seekers and employers. And also we put a lot of effort, personal connections, authority and knowledge to find employers from Europe, America and Asia in the future. And also for the employment of Ukrainians in other countries on the best terms.

In our work we are guided by the banal rules:

  • honesty;
  • decency;
  • efficiency;
  • legality.

We do not just help to find a job - we do it in such a way that the experience of employment abroad is positive and you do not face many unpleasant situations, which are so much described on the Internet.

Why promo-choice.com? Because we went this way ourselves
So, if you are looking for:

  • current vacancies in European countries;
  • personal specialist for the selection of vacancies according to your criteria;
  • assistance in the preparation of a “winning” resume, including in the language of the employer;
  • information about your chosen countries, necessary for work and residence;
  • legal support;
  • psychological support for yourself or your family members for the period of job search and adaptation;
  • success stories and experiences of those who have already come this way.

Promo Choice will provide you with knowledge, skills and, most importantly, support you emotionally, help resolve doubts and resolve all disputed issues, answer difficult questions and tell you how to make the right choice. Even if you have not yet decided on a profession - we will help you find a close liking lesson that will be adequately paid for.

We know how to meet your dream. Take the first step on the Promo Choice website and you will definitely succeed!

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