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Poland 1200€/month
Люблю порядок во всем!
Serbia 500€/month
Люблю и умею работать с чертежами, создавать «вкусные» проекты, владею графическими редакторами и 3D программами для визуализации. Более 8 лет freelance заним…
Greece, Любой 1000€/month
Видеооператор, видеомонтажер.Инструктор по туризму.
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VIP vacancies
Работа в Чехии зарплата 1150 долларов Чехия, город Отроковице Tel: 380508082408
Czech Republic, Отроковице 1150€/month Irrelevant
Место работы: Передовой завод по производству металоконструкций набирает Мужчин(можно и женщин) на производство палет. Обязанности: работа заключается в зачистке паллет и их прик…
Передовой завод по производству металлоконструкций набирает мужчин на работу Tel: 380508082408
Slovakia, Жилина 1050€/month With accommodation
ELEKTROVOD Передовой завод по производству металлоконструкций набирает мужчин на работу. Обязанности: работа заключается в зачистке паллет и их прикреплении к автоматическому подъем…
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Other vacancies
Токарь в Словению
Slovenia , Словения 600€/month Irrelevant
Работа на токарных станках Требования: соответствующее образование Опыт работы: 1-2 года Условия: Официальное трудоустройство, пакет социального страхования, ежемесячные и годовы…
Шоколадная Фабрика Германия
Germany, Любой 1500€/month Irrelevant
На фабрику по изготовлению шоколадных изделий требуются рабочие мужчины, женщины, семейные пары оплата 8 е в час чистыми, 220-250 часов в мес. выходит 1500-1800 евро в мес. Выплаты…
Упаковка сосисок Германия
Germany, Киев 1700€/month Irrelevant
На колбасный завод требуются разнорабочие. Оплата достойная - 8 евро в час чистыми. график 5-6 дней в неделю Обязанности: женщины - стоят на конвейере упаковывают сосиски, вакуум…
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Only this summer the most favorable offers!
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WORK THAT OPENS NEW HORIZONS Confidence in the future - anonymity that unites users of Promo Choice. The employer is looking for a reliable employee who can be trusted, the competitor is worthy working conditions. The countless troubles associated with finding employment abroad led to the idea of uniting both and helping the applicant find an "ideal" employer, and the employer to acquire responsible and reliable personnel. The promo-choice.com site offers a free search for jobs from all the Balkan countries, as well as, free for posting, a resume database. Here you choose - to look for work independently (if you already have experience of employment abroad), or to take the help of specialists (especially when you first try to find work abroad). OUR TASK is to take care of everyone who uses the service!

Work in the countries of Europe and the Balkans, for job seekers abroad

Looking for a legal job abroad? Planning a working tourism for the summer? Do you want to improve the quality of life, move to EU countries and earn more by performing the same tasks as at home? - register an account today, and tomorrow you can receive an invitation abroad.

For whom Promo Choice is created

  1. For employers from Europe, Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries and the Balkan region.
  2. For job seekers abroad and in their own country.

Any citizen, whether it be Russian, Ukrainian, Belous, Moldovans, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, or a representative of other CIS countries, as well as Europe, can post a questionnaire on the site, issue a resume and receive interesting offers from real employers without intermediaries (only agencies -partners or direct employer).

How it works for the employer

After completing the registration and registration of a profile, you will be able to place an online advertisement about finding an employee It should indicate the education (or field of activity), the country to be relocated, the preliminary salary and the skills / experience required from the candidate. After that, the experts on our service will be able to respond to the vacant position, offer their candidature for the position.

For you, we have created a convenient directory of professionals in over 100 areas of activity, where you can simply search for a suitable employee for seasonal work, permanent employment, for performing remote tasks or on a rotational basis. Men and women, girls and young boys, students, couples - choose the appropriate candidate, contact her in a few clicks and do not waste too much time on recruiting. After all, Promo Choice simplified this task up to 10 minutes a day: this is exactly what is needed to view structured profiles and urgently search for a suitable candidate.

How it works for the applicant

Simple registration on the site will take no more than 5 minutes, after which you will get access to the capabilities of this service for free. You will have two options to find a suitable position:

  1. Get an offer of cooperation directly from the employer through the site.
  2. Respond to recent announcements from potential customers.

Prepare documents for moving in advance: international passport, certificate of no criminal record, certificate of family composition. What additional data and copies / originals will be needed - will guide the future chief or the embassy.

When filling out the questionnaire, write down the points with experience and skills. Knowledge of several languages, medical care courses, the ability to play chess / backgammon / checkers - everything is crucial when choosing you as a candidate for the vacant position.

What to look for when working abroad

Good high-paying job - official. Illegal employment is punishable by fines, visa cancellation. Be sure to enter into an employment contract with the future head for the entire period of employment. Even if you plan to leave in the summer for temporary earnings in the tourist season for only 2-3 months.
Discuss the housing issue in advance: who provides accommodation in another country / city.
Prepare a visa, diplomas, certificates, awards, certificate of family composition and no criminal record.
Knowledge of language. English is not developed equally well in the countries of the Baltic Peninsula. Therefore, rely on fast recruiting is not worth it. For the Russian-speaking population to have an interview in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and some countries of the Balkans will be much easier.
You can leave for seasonal employment in almost any tourist and agricultural country. Harvesting, services of truck drivers, employees at resorts and hotels - there is plenty of work on the sunny Balkan Peninsula during the influx of tourists.
Adolescents under the age of 18 cannot obtain a work permit and the opportunity to move under an employment contract.
Best wishes for your job assistant - Promo Choice!

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