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Convenient and reliable service for job search in Europe
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The world 13€/hours
Педагог-дефектолог, занимаюсь обучением детей с ОВЗ, а также организацией детского досуга, подготовкой к школе и творческим развитием дошкольников. Продолжаю обучение по…
The world, Любой 6€/hours
Ищу работу механиком грузовых автомобилей сам моторист ходовик ищу работу на длительный срок влодею хорошо сварочными работами и токарными физически здоров
The world 1500€/month
Ответственный, исполнительный. С активной жизненной позицией. Пунктуальный.
1я поездка в Польшу
Работой очень довольна,Ольга человек душевный и понимающий,все переживания людей,особенно если они едут 1е как я в Польщу я очень переживала,чтобы не обманули.Я была насл…
Работа в Эстонии. Тарту
Всё на высшем уровне,забота и внимание! Я хоть и первый раз за границей на работе,но мне кажется ,что так никто не волнуется за нас как вы!
Мой первый опыт сотрудничества
В целом работой агенства я довольна. Я пришла, ко мне отнеслись с пониманием и уважением. Меня выслушали учли все мои запросы. Во время поездки мне звонили интересовались…
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VIP vacancies
ЭЛЕКТРИК ДИАГНОСТ. Черногория Tel: +38269153516
Montenegro, Тиват 1000€/month Without accommodation
В автосервис на постоянную работу требуется электрик-диагност. Черногория, г.Тиват Зарплата сдельная. Официальное трудоустройство (рабочая виза на год). Для последующего получения р…
Do you want to advertise or become a partner?!
Only this summer the most favorable offers!
Other vacancies
Трудоустраиваем работников сервиса в рестораны 5* в Черногории Tel: 38268569035
Montenegro, Будва 600€/month With accommodation
В рестораны премиум класса рассматриваем кандидатов на должности: главный официант, официант, помощник официанта, пляжный официант, хостес, кассир Работа предполагает 6-ти дневную…
Рассматривает кандидатов для работы на кухню в лучших ресторанах Черногории! Tel: 38268569035
Montenegro, Будва 800€/month With accommodation
На летний период ищем сотрудников на кухню ресторанов премиум класса. Открытые вакансии: шеф смены, повар, кондитер, шеф-повар Рабочая неделя 6 дней, 1 выходной, рабочий день 8-10 ч…
Отельно-ресторанный комплекс 5* Nikki Beach в Черногории ищет сотрудников! Tel: 38268569035
Montenegro, Будва 600€/month With accommodation
Рассматриваем кандидаток на должность аниматоров и хостес. Нужны привлекательные девушки, которые будут перемещаться между разными зонами отдыха комплекса, приветствовать гостей, делать ре…
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About company
WORK THAT OPENS NEW HORIZONS Confidence in the future - anonymity that unites users of Promo Choice. The employer is looking for a reliable employee who can be trusted, the competitor is worthy working conditions. The countless troubles associated with finding employment abroad led to the idea of uniting both and helping the applicant find an "ideal" employer, and the employer to acquire responsible and reliable personnel. The promo-choice.com site offers a free search for jobs from all the Balkan countries, as well as, free for posting, a resume database. Here you choose - to look for work independently (if you already have experience of employment abroad), or to take the help of specialists (especially when you first try to find work abroad). OUR TASK is to take care of everyone who uses the service!
Our partners

Agency for work abroad

Work abroad for Ukrainians: new opportunities in 2019

For many Ukrainians, working abroad allows them to improve their material condition, ensure a comfortable future for themselves and their families, and create prospects for moving to Europe. But when it comes to finding an employer, suitable employment abroad, the first difficulties arise and, alas, not the last. In this matter, it is important to enlist the support of experienced people who know all the legal and actual nuances of employment in another country, and the preparation of documents in practice.

Promo Choice: recruitment and employment agency for Ukrainians abroad

Our agency cooperates with employers from Europe and America. We are constantly expanding the geography of vacancies - successful employment experience attracts leasing companies, direct employers from all over the world to cooperation. Our goal is to help those who want to find a decent job or a reliable performer.

In addition, the Promo-Choice agency team generates useful and important content in Russian and English, designed to assist users in finding work, employment, solving legal and documentary issues, as well as personal growth.

Our agency is helpful:

  • those seeking official employment abroad;
  • those who are looking for a Russian-speaking artist from Ukraine;
  • recruitment agencies, recruitment managers, HR agents and other companies interested in hiring employees from Ukraine.

Promo Choice: services for employers

Our agency is the official representative office in Ukraine for the employment of citizens abroad. There are licenses and permits necessary for legal activities, therefore we provide honest and transparent recruitment services for employers. Cooperate with the agency:

Managers and owners of foreign enterprises.
Recruitment managers of leasing companies, recruitment agencies.
Individuals (direct employers) who are looking for an employee on their own.
How does the cooperation with the Promo Choice agency for employers:

  • We sign a cooperation agreement - your rights and requirements are legally protected.
  • We receive your application (s), process, select candidates, place a vacancy on the site.
  • We adjust advertising for vacancy in order to get as many applications as possible suitable candidates for the position.
  • We conduct an interview and select a candidate suitable for a vacancy that meets your requirements.
  • We are preparing a package of necessary documents for obtaining a working visa.
  • We provide an optimal transfer of the future employee to the agreed country.

The main qualities for which we are chosen by foreign employers: legality, quality selection of suitable candidates, efficiency. We accept even urgent applications. Employees of the agency take upon themselves fully the work of recruiting, interviewing, preparing candidates for working with you on modern methods of personnel management.

To start cooperation with the Promo Choice agency - contact the way convenient for you, presented on the contact page (there is an opportunity to conduct a dialogue in Viber / Telegram / Skype / WhatsApp).

Promo Choice: services for applicants

Legal employment abroad for Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking citizens of Ukraine: we not only promise to find you a real job, but also do it as quickly as possible. A wide base of employers from abroad allows finding the appropriate vacancy in optimal terms.

You choose the type of employment that is most convenient for you: seasonal work for the summer, rotational format, temporary, at resorts, harvesting, highly paid or any other, depending on education, knowledge, experience and wishes.

Before we start looking for interesting work, we conclude a formal agreement according to which your rights and interests are legally protected. At the same time, you consent to the placement of your resume in the agency’s catalog on the Promo Choice website.

For applicants from Ukraine, we provide related services:

  • legal legal support at all stages of cooperation;
  • assistance in obtaining the necessary documents for legal work abroad;
  • checking the work contracts of potential employers for legality, fairness and safety for applicants;
  • solving issues of accommodation and accommodation;
  • preparation for the interview (in Russian, Ukrainian, or English);
  • English lessons.

Not all vacancies are posted on the Promo Choice agency website: they are systematically updated, updated with new offers, and some do not reach the publication — they instantly find the ideal challenger in our database. In order not to miss your dream job abroad - contact us and we will try to find the best deal in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden or any other country in Europe and even America.

Those who have once thought to go abroad and have already started searching for work will be happy to help. Our agency will have vacancies for everyone: men and women, young girls and boys, students, couples, high-level specialists and even for those who have no work experience but are determined to change their lives for the better.

We strive to create good service for good people.

* Please note that we only work with persons over 18 years old. Teenagers aged 17 and under cannot officially and legally go to work abroad without good reason.

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